Thursday, April 27, 2006

It's Been A While...

since I last updated my blog. Lots of reasons why which are totally unavoidable.

1. Streamyx at my parents' area is driving me mad, mad crazy!! The dsl line kept on blinking non stop and sometimes, it just goes off completely. I've been complaining non stop and at least 3 technicians have been trying to fix the problem but everytime, they blame it on the old copper lines at my area. So, one day, a lady from streamyx called to say that they've downgraded my subscription from 1Mbps to 512 Kbps. But I told her the problem still exists. So she said, "Kalau camtu, Pn. Noraisyah kena terminate je la streamyx puan". Cehhhh... ada pulak camtu. You guys should be the one to look into the root of the problem and solve it. Not opting to take the easy way out. Boy... was I pissed!!

2. Freak thunderstorm and lightning which have been happening almost everyday for the past few weeks have wrecked havoc to my parents' phone line. The phone line died on us for a week before someone from TM could come out here to check on it. Two technicians came. The first one was an idiot. He climbed the house's roof and declared that the line was fine. It's the flooding and rubbish on the rooftop that's causing the line to be faulty and he had the cheek to ask my 69-year old dad to clear it up. I told my dad not to do anything about it. Instead, I called again TM and complained (I know... I'm such a whiner but hey... I'm paying the bills and I expect a service or else it's like I'm paying for nothing!). A second technician came and he declared that the phone cable is fried due to being strike by lightning. He said he can't do it. A contractor has to come to fix it. The contractor came yesterday and now, Alhamdulillah... I get to type this post.

3. Little baby has been causing havoc to my body system. I puke all the time. My nose has become extra sensitive picking up almost all unappetizing odor that causes me to gag and throw up. I shiver and shake everytime I drive the car. Occasionally, when it gets too much, I have to stop by the roadside to vomit. Very ugly sight I must say. I just pray that this phase will pass quickly so that I can enjoy the rest of my pregnancy.

4. I've only been with AIA for 3 months now and already I've gotten a dose of kiasuness from one of the cha-ya-nun-aliff agent who is a manager to boot! Goodness!! She has the nerve to call up another manager to ask that manager to call me and to warn me not to go to a certain developer because she (the kiasu agent) has an exclusivity there. Exclusive my ass!! That kiasu agent has not been servicing the developer for quite some time now and when I stepped in through proper procedures, she went berserk. Oiii... tell it to my face la!! Penakut punya manusia! And she even told me not to come to the developer's soft launching of a new housing project. I was fuming angry and fucking mad! I tell you, there are nothing straight about these kind of people except for their hair!

5. I've just got an insider information that BLR will be increasing again either next week or the week after. Yupp people... this time it's going up to 6.7 or even a crazy 7!! So... sape2 yg nak refinance their house, quick call me or email me ( The 5.89% fixed rate won't last any longer.

6. It'll be a 3-day weekend and we're going off to Janda Baik again. It's back to peaceful and serene kampung life. I've a good mind to let Zareef to play with the goats and the ducks and just roam about with his cousins finding their own adventure. It'll be a good escape. Not forgetting taking a dip in the clear cool stream. Such bliss!! And... it'll be a test for our new car.. nyeh nyeh nyeh. I suppose, I can't call it a car anymore since it has 4WD and more. At last, our wait is over. We even got the registration number that we wanted. Goody!!

Alright people... have good long weekend! Take care!!!