Thursday, June 14, 2007

Happy Birthday to Me...

Yes, I turn 31 today. I don't have a clue when the exact time was but no worries. I still regard the whole 24 hours of today as my birthday. So... happy birthday to me!

I'm too sleepy to write properly, so a pictorial story will do la ye...

Headed towards the city via the new SMART tunnel. It's free up till midnight today. Come 15th June, 0001 hrs, you'll have to pay RM2 to use it. However, if I were using this road daily to get into downtown, I will definitely use this tunnel for obvious reasons: save time, energy and wear and tear of the car. Yes, I'm one of those people who doesn't mind paying the toll if it's purpose was well served. Kalau macam toll kat sunway tuh, hmmmppphhh... hampeh!!! ada smarttag pun tak guna when you have to queue up like others way, way from behind.

We went here, my all time favorite place to hang out. Eventhough the parking fees came out exorbitantly expensive, I don't mind one bit because it has all my eyecandies.

I really should declare my birthday celebration as a jalan-jalan cari makan mission. Did I tell you that B and I love to eat?! Well, that explains our ehem, ehem size. We started with brunch at Burger King. The mozza cheese was excellent!

Then, we traipsed along the 1st and 2nd floor before Zareef spotted these cars and decided to do a pose for me. Lunch was at Nippon-Tei but since I was busy feeding Zara, I forgot to snap our soft shell crabs, tendon and sushi set. My grouse: the place was really packed for lunch and foodwise, wasn't that superb. We've had tastier ones before. We sort of rushed through because we were seated near the entrance and there was this old chinese lady who was really staring intently at me macam tempat yang kitorang duduk tu dia yang punya. Bloody hell, if you really want my table, then come earlier la. Jangan la nak buat bising2 pulak. So rude!

Then, it was off to Chocz for dessert. I had the potent Aztec while Zareef had the chocolate covered strawberries. And you know what, he ate JUST the strawberries and ditched the chocolate. Iskkk... kalau camtu, baik la mummy pegi beli je strawberries kat cold storage tu. Senang citer. Good God! The Aztec was a killer! First taste on the tongue was sweet dark delicious silky chocolate. When it slipped into my throat, it burned a path with its spicy, potent hot chili straight to my tummy. B didn't like it one bit after taking the first sip while I braved on because I didn't want to waste good money. After the 7th sip, I started to like it. It's an acquired taste, really.

Lepas tu jalan-jalan lagi. Walked into Anya just to enquire about their 5 quid bag. I know, I know. Wishful thinking as the orders were closed 3 weeks ago on Friday. Nevertheless, I put down my name on the waiting list. I am number 93. I pray and hope I'll get it but I firmly know I won't. Actually, it was just for kicks. Just to see whether I can really get it. Nevermind, I know someone who bought a few. Wonder if she'd be willing to sell it to me? I've already offered her double of what she's paying.

Zareef wanted ice-cream, so we adjourned to Haagen Daz. Their ice-cream is heavenly next to the gelato that I tasted in Florence and of course, Ben and Jerry's. Sorry no pix here. Was a glutton here so by the time I remembered, ice-cream was well stuffed into our tummies.

Feeding time for Zara and we went to my favorite baby room. Ahhhh... it felt so peaceful and serene. Even Zara appreciated the ambience and fed with a vengeance. Zareef? Busy running around playing with the toys and poking here and there. Here's a secret, if you ever find yourself in desperate need of a loo and the lines are too long, then just nip into the baby room near tower records and ease yourself in the mom and child toilet. I tell you, no lines there at all plus the place is ultra clean!

It was the bookstore next. B got me a cake decoration book. Niceee!! So, keep a lookout at my baking blog ya for new and improved decos, I hope.

After browsing around, it was time to go home. Zareef was tired from measuring the walkways in KLCC and Zara was getting grouchy for not having enough nap time.

We had my birthday dinner here.

It's located at No. 43-1 & 45-1, Jalan Radin Anum, Seri Petaling, 57000 KL. Tel: 03-9059 6237/39. And no, I'm not getting a commission for promoting this.

Oh my God!! The lamb mendi was delicious! Juicy, succulent, moist and tender all at the same time.

Chicken Mendi and chips with mayo dip for Zareef. So-so. Zareef loves any kind of chips so no complains here.

They had unlimited dippings of garlic yogurt, tomato salad and I-forgot-what-it's called dip. Very delicious and so satisfying. The black olives were from the side dishes. Cold water was replenished promptly and service was efficient. Place was fitted with loads of middle eastern stuff. Ambience was pretty relaxed, laid back and child-friendly without compromising on the tasteful yet expensive deco (Gosh... I do sound like a restaurant reviewer here kan). Highly recommended!

Thank you B for a wonderful, wonderful birthday. It was just as I wanted; filled with love, surrounded by loved ones and of course, stuffed with food! I love you for being very thoughtful and compromising on my special day. The kids had fun too (although I can't say for Zara but I certainly can vouch for Zareef because he ended up getting what he wants eventhough it was Mummy's birthday). The next round will be on me on your birthday which happens to be next Friday. Wieeeheeee... more glorious food!

Friday, June 01, 2007

Cakes Galore - Part 3

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