Wednesday, April 30, 2008


I am being extra rajin right now. I've finally uploaded 1/4 of pictures of Tokyo on Facebook (tu je yg boleh upload cepat and banyak).

So, please go to

to view them.

Lagi 3/4, tunggu ye. I'm off to bake cakes for tonight's delivery.

p/s: Gossip Girl is premiering tonight on 8tv at 10 pm. I am sooo not missing it.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Six Days

After working for six days, I quit. As easy as that. I threw in the towel with a 24-hours notice and didn't get paid a single sen. I was fuming mad but the thought of my trip quickly cheered me up.

Why quit, you ask? I was given a job that I didn't enjoy. I wasn't clicking with the job and after six days, there wasn't any chemistry between me and the job.

Why didn't I try harder, you say? Well, there were a lot of things riding on my swift decision to quit. I was subtly reprimanded for taking 2 weeks off when others who were on probation like me were given none. It will reflect badly on my performance, I was told. Like I care shit. Nope, threats like that don't ruffle my feathers at all.

I'm being choosy and fussy, you think? Choosy and fussy I am, because Alhamdulillah, as B puts it, I have the luxury to choose. Yes, I do feel a little bit guilty for just pushing away a job that promises a paycheck every month when lots of other people out there are still struggling to get a job. Ada orang kata tolak rezeki. In a way, I think I am and I hope God forgives me for that but I have my reasons.

My top reason would be the kids. For the six days that I worked, I would come back at 6.30 and pick them up. Zareef's face would be that of a sad and faraway look. Like he detests me working and once when I picked him up late, he was crying. Then he asked me "Mummy, bila Zareef nak stop staying at school sampai petang?". Oh my God! That really tore me up inside. I know other moms do it and other kids stay back at their schools all the time but I just cannot bear to see my son looking so sad and hearing him say that... that really got to me. I just can't. That's me.

I am so used of taking care of my own kids that I become paranoid when other people takes care of them. Yes, they provide my kids with food, help to wash them up, teach them a thing or two but they do it because they are paid to do them. There's no love or care that goes into the act. I know it's a little bit too much to expect those sort of things or maybe none at all given that some of these carers are just school leavers and don't have children of their own but there isn't much nurturing going on on their part.

Hygiene part tu, toksah cakap la. I'm forever paranoid. I never leave Zara's bottles at the daycare. I always bring them back and wash them thoroughly till I'm satisfied that they're clean and fit for my princess. I would always go to their kitchen and toilet to inspect the state of cleanliness and tell the carers off when it's not up to my level.

The other part would be that I want to do something that I'm passionate about. In my case, it would be baking. For the six days that I worked, I didn't even have time to cook, let alone bake. I missed baking. I feel incomplete. I had to decline quite a number of cake orders because I just don't have the energy nor the time to commit myself to fulfill the orders.

Now that I'm back to being a work-at-home-mom, I'm going full steam ahead in the baking department. So people, bring on the orders ya!

One other petty reason but I deem significant is that I foresee lots of traveling will happen this coming year and next be it local or abroad. Yes, I'm too selfish to go to work to let go of my traveling opportunities.

I hold strongly to my mother's advise that is "Rezeki tu ada di mana-mana. Kita kena berusaha baru la Allah kurniakan rezeki pada kita. Biar dapat sikit asalkan halal and berkat". I couldn't agree more.

Dah... jangan tanya lagi pasal keje ye. Penat la nak explain.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Sayonara Tokyo

I'm at Narita Airport right now waiting to board our plane which has been delayed TWICE!! So sape kata orang Jepun ni punctual sangat. Ok la, cannot blame them entirely for it. We saw several people fixing the wing part of the aeroplane.

So, from 1.30 pm delayed to 2 and now till 5 pm. I had to call Zareef and tell him not to wait up for us. But him being him, repeatedly assured me that he'll not sleep until Mummy and Daddy gets home.

I'm really hoping that we'll get to board the plane at 5. I'm tired and sleepy and can't wait to go home and see my kids! I miss them terribly!!

Sayonara Tokyo! You've been really good and wonderful to me. I have enjoyed tremendously exploring every nook and cranny of you. Your natural beauty is simply astounding. Your hospitality is very commendable. Your unique culture is fascinating. Your food is exotic, fresh and lip-smacking. Your cleanliness is amazing. I have nothing but good things and praises for you.

Will I come back? Definitely!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Konnichiwa from Tokyo

It's day 1 in Tokyo and already we've had a full day of walking. Landed at Narita International Airport at 7.08 am and I've been greeted with cool, crisp weather which I've missed so much. Took the airport limo (just a bus but over here, they call everything from the airport, a limo) and it took us 1.5 hours to reach our hotel.

Welcome to Japan! Taken right after passing through the immigration with flying colors, hehe.

So far I've picked up on Arigato go zai mas (Thank you very much), Wa-kari-masen (I don't understand), Hait (yes), sumi-masen (excuse me) which are enough to get me by. Thank God most signboards have English Language on them so walking about is not so challenging.

B trying to rent mobile phones because both of ours couldn't work in Japan. Takde 3G. So people, if you plan to come here, make sure that your phones are 3G enabled even though you're okay for roaming. Sucks man! It costs us 210 yen/day to rent a mobile and we're staying here for eight! Memang sah lepas ni aku beli N82.

I've had my dose of uber fresh sashimis and delectable sushis and perfectly battered tempuras. All I can say is YUMMY!! I don't mind at all that all these will be my staple food for the next 7 days.

Us waiting for our airport limo. Departure time stated on the ticket was at 8.45 am and guess what! Exactly at 8.45 am it went, not waiting for anyone. Talk about Japanese punctuality!

I'm staying at Hotel Villa Fontaine located at Shiodome. I was very, very impressed with the hotel upon arriving. Will share photos later. Right now I'm off to bed. Tomorrow nak jalan-jalan kat Shinjuku sorang2 while B and his colleagues will be away for a site visit somewhere 2 hours away by train. I'm arming myself with the trusted Tokyo Metro Guide and several useful pictures in my digicam (like gambar oink-oink, toilet, and the hotel).

B checking us in at the hotel. The hotel boasts of cool minimalist decor tinged heavily with zen-like concept. I love it!

The very spacious hotel lobby that greeted us. Cone-lighted lamps made of straw are placed on each table. The effect these lamps bring during the night are breathtaking with their warm soft glow. Very romantic indeed!

p/s: Yatie, I wish you were here with us. I know we would have painted the town red while our husbands are away doing their business. Oh well, we'll plan for another one, shall we?

Monday, April 14, 2008

Sevenmoon - Part II

As promised, pictures from our honeymoon. We didn't go very far from home. I wasn't in the mood to take a long drive nor go on a flight or even a boat. Since I did all the planning, I called the shots.

I booked a room at Impiana KLCC, me being the city girl et. al, I just can't get enough of the city. The hotel is magnificently located between two of my favorite malls, making it easier for us to just stroll from one mall to another without having to bother about traffic jams and paying for exorbitant parking rates.

The day kicked off with a pleasant surprise bouquet from B. Seeing that this is the first bouquet after how many years, I screamed and jumped with joy. Yes, I am that jakun!

After dropping off the kids at my parents' place, we headed to the hotel. I was telling B to step on it as I have booked us for a 6 pm couple's spa at the hotel.

Luckily we made it in time. We were greeted with soothing Balinese music, invigorating yet stimulating smell and a very relax ambience. I LIKE!! The spa is called Swasana Spa and they based their treatments on spices.

Our VIP room which I must say looks very, very inviting and romantic what with the soothing almost haunting music and delicious-that-makes-me-want-to sleep smell. We were treated to a jacuzzi dip before the prodding, kneading and massaging session began. Heavenly, I tell you!

Instead of reflexology, the spa offers foot massage service. We wanted to book a session but all slots were fully booked. Oh well, some other time then.

The nicely decorated pathway in the spa. They put up rows and rows of large jars filled with every spice imaginable. A unique concept, I must say.

The greeting area before going into our VIP room. Tastefully decorated! We were going ooh and ahh over everything.

Treatment over. My body has never been prodded, massaged and thumped so much compared to the last 1.5 hours I had at the spa. At first it was damn painful because the masseuse attacked all my sore points sampai terkentut-kentut dibuatnya hahahha... I was embarrassed and so must the masseuse but she did well not to show it. After a while, all the knots in my muscle were slowly loosen and it started to feel good.

Our deluxe room with a king bed. Huhuhu... with just the two of us, there were plenty of space to roll about. Good thing the kids weren't here or they would have hogged the bed all to themselves.

Very tasteful decor. I especially loved the warm wooded floor. I made a mental note that I shall replace my floor at home to this when it rains moolah. Bilalah tu kan?

Our honeymoon was actually a city escapade. We ate a lot, walked a lot, talked a lot but not shop a lot and get to the things that we loved to do before having kids. I was controlling myself and saving all my money for the next big trip so that explains the lack of carrier bags everytime we went back to the hotel. Nonetheless, we really splurged on food since both of us LOVE to eat. We ate at Spice of India, Pavilion (Good but still can't beat Al-Diafah for their lamb briyani and mendi), Yo Sushi (The seafood was fresh and tasty, portions are big and pricey nothing really to shout about), Pelita at Jalan Ampang for our supper (their tandoori chicken was super tender and delicious!), Al-Marjan at KLCC (Very disappointing tastewise. The two meals that we ordered were really salty so much so, I had to gulp down ice water with every single bite that I took) plus the endless munching here, there, everywhere.

I couldn't resist trying the Fish Spa at Kenko (located on the same floor as GSC at Pavilion). First time putting my foot in the pond and I yelled so loud that I almost fell over. The fishes came sucking at my feet like piranhas and it felt SO TICKLISH and weird. It took me a good 10 minutes before I got used to the bizarre sensation. I was laughing all the way and so were all the other patrons. B? He didn't even dare look. He got all squirmy and chickened out at the last minute. Wuss!

We tried the newly launched U-hu-hu cheesecakes. They were going at a promotional price of RM 25 for 6 pieces. The after promotion price would be RM 30 for 6 pieces. My verdict, mine and Liza's cheesecakes taste better. I didn't say it. B did the moment he popped a bite, spontaneously. People were queuing to buy these cheese-cups okay. B cakap, maybe sebab derang tak reti nak buat so to them, these are the next best thing. Oh well, each to its own, I say.

Romance rekindled, bond strengthened, sleep caught-up, feet sore from so much walking (we didn't mind one bit because we were used to walking miles and miles when we travelled in the States, UK and Europe) and we have never been so in love compared to now. We talked and talked about the kids, our plans, our ambitions, our concerns - everything laid out on the table. I just love it and InsyaAllah, we'll do it again next year and try to make it an annual event.