Friday, February 27, 2009

Toll Hike???...

Damnit!! What the fish??

PLUS Highway + 5%

Sprint + 30 & 50 sen

NPE + 40 sen

AKLEH + 50 sen

BESRAYA + 10 sen

Tak kaya-kaya lagi ke all these highway concessionaires? Perfect timing too! When everyone (minus the politicians la. All they ever think of is their own gila kuasa attitude and filling their already fat coffers) is worried sick about the economic crisis, about people being laid-off; the cabinet decided to approve the hike. What were they thinking? Apparently NOT la kan.

The approval was given sometime two weeks ago by the cabinet, right when global credit crunch was at its worst. Did they take that into consideration? Hell no! Patutla companies to the likes of IJM and PLUS didn't care two hoots about their toll booths being teared down. Rupa-rupanya, ada udang sebalik mee...

I don't think the toll hike will ruffle any 0f the cabinet members' feathers, given that their take home pay is RM 20k plus a month and on top of that, they get to claim for mileage. But what about us, the mere lowly mortals? Isn't it enough that we had to suffer the effects of the petrol price hike last year which led to prices of food and all other essential stuff to skyrocket high that can still be felt till today, but now this?

Luckily the LDP is not increasing its toll price, kalau tak, ada yang aku mogok pakat bayar toll pakai RM 50 note at its Ayer Itam, Sunway and Puchong Batu 14 toll everytime aku lalu.

Even the route to my parents' house from Tol Batu Tiga to Sungai Rasau will be increased come this Sunday. As far as I can remember, my parents and I have been paying that two damn tolls for the past 33 years (even longer for my parents) and their rates have never gone down. Makin naik ada la. Bila nak habis bayar to the concessionaire pun tak tau la.

What has become to our country la? Ni yang rasa nak lari balik Loughborough or Purdue where all the Motorways and Interstates are toll-less.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Bliss Is...

when I get to stay at home, A.L.O.N.E., like right now.

Zareef is at his KAFA while Zara was sent to her playschool this morning all because Mummy had lots of baking to do today. But I've not baked any cakes. Instead, I'm enjoying this quiet moment all by myself. No shouting, no screaming, no crying, no "Mummy nak susu" or "Mummy nak ani (barney)" or no "Aling... tolong urut belakang" It is pure bliss!

I'm selfish, I know. Well, let me be. I deserve a moment of peace and tranquility to just put up my feet and have a cup of tea while reading a book or catching up on my favorite bloggers or maybe catch a nod or two.

Maybe, some may get it, some may not. Do I care? Not even a tiny rat's ass.

To all SAHMs or WAHMs, do try it. It's very therapeutic. Highly recommended in order to keep your sanity.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The Day My Son Became A Year One Student

This should have been posted two months ago but due to some technical glitch which has now been resolved and my procrastination factor, can I only now put it up here. Zareef's next milestone in his education, primary school.

We decided to enrol him at SKPU2 instead of elsewhere because it was closer to home and most of his friends went there. Since he'll know quite a number of friends there, I was hoping and praying that the transition would be smooth and tears-free.

Alhamdulillah, everything went well. Zareef is now enjoying his school tremendously and would be very annoyed if he were asked to take a leave or two (yes, Mummy and Daddy are the guilty party who made their son ponteng due to traveling reasons. Rational tak?)

If Zareef was all calm and confident on his first day, I on the other hand, was a bit nervous for no reason. Maybe, deep down, I'm still not ready to let go of my son but that I had to do. It was such joy to see him mingling and playing around with his friends, paying for his own food, raising his hands and answering questions confidently and going to the smelly toilet on his own. He has become quite independent. By now, he's a pro. I am so proud of my son.

Many asked me, why didn't I send Zareef to a private school? Well, let's just put it that we ain't rich people honey. What little money we have, we're putting it aside for Zareef's and Zara's higher education in the future. Plus, B didn't particularly warmed up to that idea. He said "I dulu sekolah kampung je. Dapat jugak PhD". Yes, yes... I know.

Now that Zareef has comfortably slipped into his daily routine of going to national school in the mornings and kafa in the afternoons, I too have come up with a routine of my own. I am now a bonafide soccer mom, complete with her SUV and carpools. Yikes! Can my life get any more interesting?! Oh well, as long as my children are safe with me and get the best possible care that I can offer, then I'm happy and content.

And to Zareef, do enjoy your primary years. You'll have many more schooling years to come and I hope they'll be a breeze for you. As long as you're happy, Mummy is more than happy and I promise not to become an over-anxious parent, that you can be sure of.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Major Update

I've been slacking in updating my baking blog. However, I've finally uploaded lots of cake pictures. So, feast your eyes on them ya. Enjoy!

ps: Reviews on Andaman, Legend PD and Cherating as well as PGLTM shall be written once I have this writer's block sorted out. My brain seems to go on strike la pulak. Bummer!!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Should I or Shouldn't I?

By right, I should be decorating one carrot cake and 50 pieces of vanilla cupcakes that are due tomorrow but as usual, I'm procrastinating. What's new, eh?!

Facebook has been a boon and a bane for me. The boon - I've found long lost friends from primary school right up to the present day. The bane - People that I've been trying to avoid have also found me.

Right now, there is a pending friend request whom I'm not sure whether I want to confirm or not. I've known this person for a very, very long time; we were classmates since day one in primary school. We had a falling-out when we were in form four, then rekindled whatever friendship that's left after I got back from the states and lost it again right after I got married.

We were tight back then but now? We've become strangers. I'm not too keen for this person to poke and pry into my business since I keep a tight lid on whom I approve as my friends. Those who are good to me, get to see all of me but those who crossed the line will forever stay in my blacklist.

Harrruuummpphh... I think, I'll KIV this person for now. No use squeezing my brains out just because of this. Banyak lagi benda aku nak fikir other than this like what shall I decorate my cuppies with? Ah yes...

Catch ya later, alligator. I'm off to Legend Cherating for another round of a 4S holiday. Eventhough it may sound exciting, but truth be told, I'm still quite knackered from our trip to Andaman Langkawi. I've unpacked, washed, hanged and dried all our clothes and now it's time to repack. I wish I have someone to do all of the packing for me. Adoiilaa.. malas betul!

Have a good weekend peeps! Be good!!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

I Long For This...

and this...

Can I, can I, can I?? Pleaseee... pretty please...

Friday, February 06, 2009

I Think I Have Been Conned...

by a beggar, no less!

Argghhhh!! I can be so gullible sometimes.

I was at the till of a pharmacy to pay for the toiletries that I bought when a deep rough voice gave salam from behind.

Beggar: Assalamualaikum!

Me: Waalaikumussalam...

Beggar: Nak... tolong pakcik ye. Dah 2 hari pakcik dua beranak tak makan. Mintak la anak sedekah sikit duit kat pakcik untuk beli makanan.

Me: Huhh?? (Biar benar pakcik nih... betul ke ni?)

Beggar: Betul Nak... (upon seeing my disgruntled face) tolong la pakcik.

Me: Anak pakcik kat mana?

Beggar: Ada kat kedai makan kat luar.

Me: Kedai yang mana?

Beggar: Kedai mamak kat hujung sana (while pointing to an obscure direction).

Right... I was torned at this juncture. I didn't want to give him because my gut feelings told me that this old man was lying but my heart felt really sorry for him because he was so thin, haggard and dressed in old rags. What about his child? What if there really was a hungry child? My conscience will not allow me to let anyone go hungry, if I can help it.

And so, I dug into my bag for a small change. I gave him RM 7; RM 3.50 each. Just enough for both of them to get a decent meal. He thanked me and took off.

After I've finished paying for my stuff at the counter, I went out of the pharmacy only to find him standing outside for God knows who. His anak, maybe? But what I saw made me really angry.

His back pocket was unzipped and I saw bundles of money!!! Blardy hell!! Bukan sikit tau. BANYAK!!! I was so fcuking mad because 1) He managed to con me. 2) I was susceptible enough to fall into his prey. Cisss!...

I confronted him and gave him my peace.

"Pakcik! Kata takde duit nak makan. Tuh yg bergumpal-gumpal dok dalam poket tu apa? Bukan duit namanya?? Kenapa pakcik tipu? Tau tak duit yang pakcik dapat dari menipu orang tu boleh jadi haram??!!"

Ambik ko! Geram betul aku. Tua tak tua. Kalau dah menipu tuh, memang la aku hangin satu badan.

But now that I've cooled down and gave the scene a deep thought, I think I'll just halalkan the money that I gave him. I'm giving him benefit of the doubt. You know why? Because if I don't, I'll have to wait for him to come to me in the afterworld begging for my forgiveness before I can make my way to heaven (Aminnn) which might take a very long time.

So, tu la cerita aku kena tipu. By the way, this happened at Glomac Business Center which is behind Kelana Jaya's Giant. If you happen to chance upon this fella, just be wary ya.