Monday, September 19, 2005

A Beginning to an End - Part III

B's viva-voce date has been set. It's on October 12th at 2 ish. I'm praying and praying that it'll go on well and smooth sailing. Aminnnn....

Friday, September 16, 2005

Second Day of School

Hah! I spoke too soon. This morning, after doing my rounds of cleaning, I checked my mobile and there were 16 missed calls from B. 16!! Goodness!!!

Rupa2 nya... anak bujang sorang tak nak go to school pulak.

"I don't want to go to school. I don't want to go to school", he kept repeating. He cried, bawled, howled and protested all the way. B must have panicked and pushed the call button more than he intended to.

Anyhow, my salutations to B for sticking to his guns and managed to siapkan Zareef and dragged him to school albeit 5 minutes late. History repeated itself. Zareef was back to his nursery days. He won't let go of B. He kept on repeating "Daddy stay with Zareef, alright?!". And so B obliged. B took him to a corner and started rolling out the playdough. Zareef langsung tak nak. Yana (his best friend) kept on urging him to play with her, which on normal circumstances would be an irresistible offer but he declined. He kept on clinging to B's pants.

Out of his wits, B seeked Rachel's (Zareef's teacher) advice. She adviced him to keep on playing with Zareef for about 5 minutes. Then, bid farewell and leave because the longer B stays, the clingier (ada ka such word??) Zareef will be. And so B did. Maka bermula lah satu episode meraung yg maha hebat. When I called B, he sounded so depressed. I told him it's okay. Zareef is trying to test him whether B will bend to his demands. We are setting boundaries and rules so Zareef has to learn and deal with it. If we give in to his whims, Zareef knows that he is in control of his parents, which is a big NO NO.

Hmmmm... betul pun. When we picked him up, Rachel told us Zareef settled quickly after B left and joined in all the activities and was really happy. Cehhhh... auta sungguh anak aku sorang nih. But... he was a bit aggressive today. He managed to pick a fight with one kid and when some other kids tried to play with him, he pushed them away. Aduhhhsss... that is one tell-tale sign of his protest. So, Rachel asked us to speak with him about it. However, Rachel did compliment Zareef for standing up and taking his grounds. He fought back when one of the kids tried to bully him. Way to go, Zareef!

Back home, B and I slow talked Zareef in not hitting other kids. We said it's painful and it'll make his friends cry. We also talked to him about sharing the toys and taking turns on playing a big car that he is quite obsess with. After 2 minutes of talking (tak boleh lama2, nanti jadik melalut2 and budak tak paham and tak concentrate), Zareef seemed to understand. Ntah ye ntah tidak. We'll see tomorrow how it goes.

I know I have been blabbing non-stop about my kid. It does look like I'm obsess but I can't help it. Every single thing that is happening in Zareef's life, whether it's an achieved milestone, sickness, joyous occasion or fights are such big deals to me. I'm his mother and I just want everything to go smooth sailing for my little baby even if I know that it's impossible but I'll try my very best.

A friend did say there is a simple solution to Zareef's problem of sharing. "Ko bagi je adik kat dia, pandai2 la nanti dia nak share barang2 dia". Hahahhah... yupp, that's true. InsyaAllah, that'll come next year.

Thursday, September 15, 2005

First Day At School

How did it go??? EXCELLENT!!! Alhamdulillah....

B sent him to school a.k.a playgroup because I was working at that time. Thank you very much darling for doing every thing from washing him, clothing him, feeding him, walking him to his classroom and leaving him happily playing with the toy car while lying on the floor. Iskkk... buat macam rumah sendiri pulak.

Yes people.... there were no separation anxiety drama. While B was busy completing the paperwork, Zareef played quietly with a toy car. He didn't even say goodbye to his daddy! He was oblivious to his surroundings, well ensconced in his own world. So, B left him quietly.

At 9.40 (school starts at 9.20), I called B (so shoot me for being a very anxious mom) expecting to hear Zareef wailing and bawling in the background but to my surprise, there were none. B was prepared to camp at the school for 2 and a half hours but he didn't have to. He told me what happened. I was quite astounded that Zareef did not make any scene. Instead he was such a good boy.

At 11.30, we were already at the playgroup center. Me, being the overanxious mom, sneaked and peeked through the windows to see what was Zareef doing. To my delight, he was busy driving a car while the others were sitting down in singing away. How typical of my boy to not adhere to the norm.

At 11.50, the gates were unlocked and we were allowed to pick up our child. When Zareef saw me, he ran straight into my open arms and gave me a fierce hug. Oh the feeling at that particular moment was indescribable. My heart was bursting with pride when his teacher said that he was a very, very good boy. He did his art work, ate his snacks (they were fresh fruits), drank his milk, joined in the class when he feels like it but never made any fuss.

All the way to the car with B and I holding his hands, he was replaying his day at school.

"What did you do at school today, Zareef?"

"Zareef paint with my hands. Lepas tu, Zareef splish splosh (this is him playing with his all time favorite, water). And then, Zareef minum milk and eat apples and banana. And then, Zareef sing. Lepas tu, Zareef drive the car (with the hands at the steering wheel action) ".

"Zareef nak go to school tak tomorrow?"

"Yes!", with a smile reaching his ears.

I am so relieved that Zareef is enjoying his school so much. Compared to the clingy, crying boy last year, he is so different now. He is becoming more independent, ready to do anything, socializes with kids his own age easily and he can now obey simple directions. Soon, he won't be needing me to do anything for him anymore. Nooooo..... my baby is growing up! Not so soon ye Zareef. Not so soon...

I'm just praying that everything goes on smoothly for my little boy. If he enjoys his school this much, then, it is worth every penny that we're paying. I really don't mind at all. Money, I can find but my son's happiness is all that matters.

So, hari ni bermula lah sejarah baru for Zareef Imran. Today marks the day of his many, many schooling years. I just hope and pray that he relishes and savors every minute of it.

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

When My Son Goes to School Tomorrow...

Yuppp... Zareef is going to school tomorrow. I've just enrolled him in a playgroup at Gorse Covert's Community Center (next to Morrisons where I had the oil fiasco). He got the last spot. It's from 9.20-11.50 a.m.

When I got home, I held my hands out to him and shaked it.

"Congratulations Zareef! You're going to school tomorrow."

He was stunned and rendered speechless but his face said it all. Totally priceless. Then he started jumping up and down.

"Yeahhhh!!! Zareef nak go to school with Sarah and Yana (his two best buds)!! Daddy, Daddy... Zareef nak go to school with Sarah and Yana!!!"

Bless him, my son. Even going to school makes him so, so, so happy. I'm ecstatic that he's happy.

He is sooooo excited about going to school because all of his friends are in school when he's not (thanks to Luqman of Bogo's and Fern's because he set a fine example on sleeping early, in his room on his own bed and going to school). He kept on asking us when can he go to school. Because we did sent him to nursery last year (refer to previous post) and had a dreadful experience, we didn't want to rush it this time. But, since he is all ready and prepped up and nagged us about it, we think it is the right time.

It doesn't matter that I have to fork out £100 every 4 weeks to pay for his playgroup (the academic year here starts 1st Sept. Zareef was borned after 1st Sept, so he is not eligible for the funded sessions. His free sessions start after Christmas) but if he enjoys going, learning, playing and socializing, then I'm all for it. Duit kat mana2 boleh carik but Zareef's happiness and wellbeing is priceless and is all that I care about.

He is already asleep now and has been sleeping since 6 this evening. Hihihihi... I told him that he has to sleep early if he wants to go to school tomorrow and he totally bought it!! That's why I can blog right now.

B is taking him tomorrow and I'll come along after I finish working. Good Luck Aling in handling Zareef on his first day at school!!!! Hahahhaha... you'll need it!

Minyak... Ohhhh Minyak!!

Oil prices are rising (what else is new??!!!).

Oil tanker drivers are on strike (they did this 5 years ago).

People get all riled up and started queuing to fill up their tanks (ingatkan kat M'sia je jadik camni).

B called and told me to fill up the tank when I was doing my groceries at Morrisons (but I didn't coz I saw that the lines were too long and jalan nak masuk Morrison dah jam sampai melimpah2. Decided to let B do the filling when he goes to work in the evening).

While doing my no. 2 in the loo, heard B pulling into the car park (eh???... awat balik? tempat keje tutup ke???)

"Apasal u tak isi minyak tadi??? Skarang sumer stesen minyak dah tutup"

"Haaa... tutup??!!! Why tutup???"

"Kan tengah ada strike and blockage skarang. Oil tanker drivers refused to drive to petrol stations. Sumer org gelabah pi isi minyak penuh2. Skarang stesen minyak pun dah tutup sebab minyak dah habis"

"Laaa.... patutla tadi panjang giler line kat Morrison tu. I ingatkan sebab kat situ je yg tengah murah, that's why they went there. Mana I nak tau stesen tu nak tutup!!!"

"Just pray that reserve oil tu cukup utk u pegi balik to work besok. Kalau tak, u jln kaki la..."

GULPPPP... and the tank light is flashing bright red!!!

ARGHHHHHH!!! stupid... stoopid... stewwwwwpitttttt!!!!