Monday, August 07, 2006

A Fairy Tale Wedding

It was a sweet yet grand wedding. One of the best that I've ever attended. Mostly because they are the two good friends that I've known since my Boiler days plus the fact that Roslee made a special performance for his bride, Sal by playing the saxophone, serenading her with Now and Forever and Getaran Jiwa. We were astounded to find out that Roslee has a hidden talent. Not that I've heard him play while we were at Purdue.

Anyway, the wedding was held at Sheraton Imperial last night. I had to attend it alone since B was at home recuperating from an appendix surgery (that will be featured in another post). A magnificent ice sculpture greeted us at the entrance to the ballroom.
I sat at table 13 with Emi, Fred, Iwan, Lin and Cobou. The other four were Sal's friend whom we didn't know.

Here, Emi is seen writing in an autograph book that Sal had specifically placed on every table especially for her guests to jot down a few words as remembrance. But, Emi being Emi, was busy writing away as if the autograph book belongs to her... heheheh... Don't blame her though. We all wrote quite lengthy stuffs in there. All of us even had to squeeze writing in available spaces after watching Roslee play the sax.

After the wedding, it was picture-whoring time. Can you believe it that none of us brought cameras!! All of us had to rely on our phones which explains the rather grainy pictures. Tak pe la, Sal had a group of photographers roaming around taking pictures. So at least, some of our pictures were professionally taken. Sal's' wedding had a garden concept which I must say is simply beautiful!

Standing L-R: Lin, Aida, Lina
Sitting L-R: Cobou, Me, Emi, Fred

Cobou was in a rebellious mood. He neither wore a lounge suit nor a traditional costume.

The end of a glorious wedding. Sal looked absolutely resplendent and gorgeous in her white gown. I would like to wish them all the happiness in the world and may Allah bless their lives as husband and wife forever. Two of my good friends, united at last!

l-r: Iwan, Roslee, Sal, Emi, Fred, me, Lin

Thursday, August 03, 2006

A Different Story

First of all, let us say a prayer for all those who lost their life in the massacre in Lebanon. May their soul rest in peace and blessed by Allah. Al-Fatihah!

I have never written anything politically-inclined in this blog of mine. But the unjust and inhumane happenings in Lebanon is just unthinkable that I'm sure some of you if not all, share the same sentiments as I do. I just wish I have the superpowers to get rid of Bush, Blair and Israel so that world peace can be restored and all these genocides can be stopped. You know, like possessing powers like Magneto so that I can crush all their ammos and fighter jets. Or the mind of Jean so that I can control the surroundings to be in my favor. Or even, the powers of Storm so that I can cause turbulence in Israel hence letting them taste a dose of their own medicine.

Since I have none of the above, I shall opt for another way. If I can't fight them in a battle, then I can very well do my bid in not supporting their economy. So far, I've stopped going to Tesco, McDonalds (even though Zareef has been wailing to go), Starbucks, KFC and anything remotely American. Yes people, I'm boycotting all American and Jew related products. You see, from the way I see it, every sen spent in their store is like buying them bullets that will kill the Lebanese and Palestinians.

It's quite hard though because some of my favorite brands are to the likes of Gap, Osh Kosh, Victoria Secret, Esprit, DKNY, Nike, Timberland and the list goes on. And I do have tonnes of these stuffs bought during my student heydays in the States. But I can't do anything about the past, can I when all money was spent shopping like crazy during Thanksgiving Sale and at the Factory Outlets. However, I can make a change now.

I'm trying very, very hard not to go into these stores especially now that the Mega Sale is on. Even shopping for groceries takes me twice longer because I have to select which products go into my basket and which goes back to the shelves. I'm crazy for Vanilla Coke but now I have to resort to Kickapoo. I love Mars bars but now I think I'll have to buy Kandos. Instead of eating KFC or Kenny Rogers, we now go to Nandos eventhough the smell of KFC can make my legs turn to jell-o.

I try where I can. It's just something that I fell I'm compelled to do because I can't bear to see the heartbreaking news showing pictures of children going about in their ruined city that has been torn to bits and pieces. They have no food, shelter nor clothes and some to the extent of being recently orphaned. Sumer sebab Yahudi punya pasal. I try to imagine, what if it was Zareef and my soon-to-be-borned baby. What if it were to happen to them? No... I can't let that happen to them.

So there, I've said my peace. What's yours??