Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Ramadan Al-Mubarak

Ramadan is here again. For the third time, I'm pregnant during this holy month. I feel blessed that all three kids went through fasting in my belly. In a way, I find them to be strong and resilient maybe due to the fact that they were in me during the last few weeks of pregnancy which coincidentally coincide with fasting before popping out.

I will try to fast for the whole month, just like I did when I was pregnant with Zara, InsyaAllah. Must niat that I'm doing it for the Al-Mighty, then only will He help me in strength and spirit to go through fasting the whole month.

Yesterday, I made my way to Pusat Pungutan Zakat to pay my fidyah. I've been procrastinating since forever and yesterday, I decided that enough is enough. I only managed to replace six days of fasting when I gave birth to Zareef eight years ago. So that leaves a remaining of 24 days that has not been replaced till today. Then, I owed Allah another 15 days from last year's Ramadan. I know... I regret it very much. I'm not an obedient Muslim after all. Totally my BAD!

I was ready to fork out a substantial amount to pay my fidyah but when the officer at PPZ verified and calculated (banyak kali ok aku suruh dia kira balik) the amount, I found the amount to be peanuts to what I thought it should be. So, I paid extra. Sedekah la sket. Once I'm done, I felt free and very, very relieved like you won't believe it. I felt like my soul has been cleansed and I'm all ready to face Ramadan with a clean new slate.

To all my Muslim friends out there, I wish you a blessed Ramadan. Semoga segala amalan kita diterima and diberkati Allah.Selamat Berpuasa semua!

Thursday, August 05, 2010

At 34 Weeks...

I know... I know... Sekarang baru nak tulis. My bad. I was too darn lazy to write anything despite having lots of stories swirling in my head. It used to be that I'd be jotting down everything here just to free my mind but now pure laziness has taken over. 

I think I need a scapegoat. Yes, I think I'll blame it on the pregnancy. Hehehhe... poor child. Belum lahir dah kena blame by Mommy. Did I tell you that we finally know its gender? Yeah... we do. The person most excited to see the 4D scan last Saturday was Zareef. He went, "YEAYYY... Zareef ada geng!!" . Zara didn't understand as to why the scan was brown in color instead of pink. All she knew was that she wanted a pink baby hehehhe... Funny girl la you!

So I guess, we'll be coming up with a boy's name then that starts with a 'Z' and an 'I'. We've been throwing around several names but have yet to decide on any. Tired of hearing us, being indecisive and all, Zareef said "Kita letak nama Zorro je lah". Ceittt... that is totally not an option AT ALL!! So, any suggestions people?

Pregnancy sure has taken a toll on me. Being pregnant at 34 is not the same as being pregnant at 25 nor 29. When I was pregnant with Zareef and Zara, I was energetic. I would go out all the time, doing my favorite thing - mall hopping. I was able to walk for miles on end. I could do housework easily. But now with the third baby, it's a different story altogether. I tire out easily. I have memory lapse every now and then. My tummy has stretched its final yard. My tummy muscle has given up on me of not holding baby in its place hence making me feel like I'm carrying two instead of just one (yeap... no twins).

I know, it's no good complaining. I'm just venting out what I'm feeling. It doesn't help too that my pregnancy hormones are running amok on me. One minute I'll be all cheerful and ready to go. The next minute... waterworks will make an appearance and I become a mush. Haissshhhh...

Now I know why people in the old days have plenty of kids when they were younger. It's all due to age. The younger you are, the more energy you have. As simple as that. I'm putting my foot on three. For the life of me, I can't imagine how I'd be if I were to get pregnant in another four years time. Entah-entah, I'd be so miserable that people would hate to be around me. B and the kids would not have a choice though. They're stuck with me for life. Thank God for that!