Tuesday, June 20, 2006

A Month of Celebration

The month of June will always be a long month of celebration for us. It is the month where both B and I celebrate our birthdays, the month where B gets to enjoy his day as a dad and the month which marks our anniversary as a couple.

The celebration kicked off with us going to Penang. B had it all nicely arranged to coincide his one day work with my birthday on the 14th while taking a few days off. Thank you sooo much darling! We first stayed at Hydro Majestic Hotel (formerly known as Ferringhi Beach Hotel) but moved out to Paradise Sandy Beach Hotel. Reason: the former was a crap! Don't stay there. It's not even a beach front hotel and yet they claim to be a 4 star hotel. The latter turned out to be unsatisfactory too (not worth the price that we paid for) but having the sandy beach literally at our doorstep made up for the lack of everything else. The three of us had a whale of a time on the beach building sandcastles, Zareef rolling down the sandy slopes like the Wiggles, the three of us just soaking in the sun, inhaling the refreshing salty air and having a wonderful quality family time together.

A trip to Penang would not be complete without the gastronomical affair. B and I (or maybe it was just me who couldn't help myself) gorged down on pasembor, mee rebus, popiah basah, Line Clear's Nasi Kandar and ntah hapa2 lagi. Unfortunately, time was too short for us to savor other food. Takpe... next time we'll come back with a vengeance.

Then it was Father's Day. Truthfully, I totally forgot about Father's Day because I was so knocked out from attending SSP's reunion the day before. One whole day at the school meeting old friends and teachers and cheering like a mad fat cow on the sidelines literally zapped out my energy. Now that I'm writing this, for the love of God... I just can't remember what we did on Father's Day. Sorry ye B.

Then, on the 22nd was B's day. He took the day off and we went to Aquaria. Am I alone on this or does anyone else thinks that the entrance fee for children is a bit steep. I mean, I don't mind paying RM 28 for us adults but RM 22 for kids... shesshhh... that's a bit too much. They should make it half the price of adults since they are half the size of us. Anyway, I was quite impressed with the displays. Even though Aquaria is quite small compared to other aquariums that I've visited around the globe (and believe you me, I've paid some astronomical entrance fees for it), I must say, the people at Aquaria did a great job especially in the deep sea department. Zareef got a real close-up view of the huge sharks as they passed by (B carried him to be close to the glass display) . B and I were amazed to see the gigantic arapaimas in the Amazon section. Goodness! If ever I were to catch that fish, it would last me for a whole year.

After ooohhhing and aaahhhing at Aquaria, came my favorite pastime. Shopping! Heheheh... Well, we didn't actually shop. Window shopped to be exact. Luckily Zareef chose that time to have a nap in his stroller so we had a peaceful time weaving in and out from one store to another. Since it was B's birthday and I haven't gotten him any birthday gift yet (teruk kan!), I told him that he could have anything that he wants. The sky is the limit. My sky that is! We were so tempted with Aigner's sale. 50% everywhere! B was looking for a belt to go with his khakis but none pleased his eye. On the other hand, I was so in love with one their begs and it was 40% off! B made a face and said "You know it's cheaper in the States. Tunggu I ada conference kat sana then you can shop all you want". Yeah.. yeah... I do know tapi bila la tu??!!! If it wasn't for the Burberry watch that I got for my birthday gift, I would have kept on begging. But... beggars can't be choosers, can I?! And Burberry was having 50% sale as well. I immediately went in to check the price of my watch. B breathed a sigh of relief coz my watch wasn't there.

Hmmphhh... I've got a good mind to wire some money to Zoow so that she can go to Bicester Village and get me a Burberry bag that will match my watch. Gosh... just rereading the last sentence that I've just typed made me realized what a prat I am. But... but... they are cheaper there!!! Boleh ke Zoow?

Then we went into Laura Ashley. Now, this is a place where both of us have mutual taste. We were contemplating on which chandelier would suit our new home. It's either getting an 8-light or two 5-lights Lavenham. Hmmpphhh... decisions, decisions, decisions. Zareef saved the day by choosing that moment to wake up and insists that he wanted to go to the toy shop.

In the end, we didn't buy anything. But now I know what to get for B. Hihihi... would you believe it that it's been a week and I still have not gotten him anything! Talk about being a bad wifey. Not that I didn't want to, I do! I've pestered him on what he wants. He wants an Ipaq but he said not to bother to buy it for him because he can get if for free. So... can't say that I didn't try.

Today, 29th June marks the 12th year that we've been together as a couple! Wow... it has been ages! Do I get bored of my man? Nahhh... B has his quirky ways and unexpected small things that makes our relationship spicy and flavorsome. Plus... I'm his Wonder Woman now nyehnyehnyeh... Thanks to La Senza and Victoria's Secret.

Yes... life has been good for us this year. Syukur Alhamdulillah! Like B put it... we've got a wonderful new house, a stunning new car, a gorgeous son and a bouncing baby due in November. What more can I ask for? I just pray to Allah that He will continue to bless our family with bountiful of rezeki, good life, good health and good wealth. Aminnnn...