Friday, October 13, 2006

Friday the 13th

Uhhhh... spooooky.... NOT!!

My darling son Zareef,

Today marks the day you turn 4. Another milestone in life which Mummy and Daddy feel very fortunate to be a part of.

You started the week with falling really ill when your temperature spiked up to 39c at 3 am thanks to Daddy's virus which unfortunately caught up on you complete with cough, flu and you even complained of headaches. Alhamdulillah, the worst is now over with just an occasional cough and snort looming over. What a way to start celebrating your birthday.

Through it all, you've been very strong and cheerful about it which simply amazes me. But you have been that way from the day you were borned when you were left with no fluid at all in Mummy's tummy for 4 whole days and managed to survive, when you fell down from the trike and distorted your nose when you were 1, when you had your chicken pox at the age of 2 and most recently when you were lost from my side for a whole of 25 minutes at Mid Valley at the late age of 3. I'm proud to say that you have survived through it all.

Your constant inquisitiveness has made Mummy and Daddy to be constantly on our feet hence sometimes driving me up the wall when all that you ask for are answers to your innocent yet thought provoking questions to quench your thirst for knowledge. You have turned to be quite the chatterbox too but only with people that you know especially Atok, Nenek, Wan, Pak Ngah and Pak Chu. Sometimes I wonder whether you've aged beyond your years because when I listen to you talking to Atok, it seems that you've gone light years ahead.

You have learned to help around the house like locking up the doors, fetching things for Mummy when she's too lazy or too heavy to get up and get it herself, started to learn to clear the table and wash the dishes (only the plastic ones though. Hands off on Mummy's Wedgies, Porties, Nories and Royals), water Daddy's prized Philippine grass and plants, wipe the counter top and ohhh.... not forgetting your favorite, helping Mummy when she's baking. You would stand on the stool for hours on end trying to help me with baking from start to finish. I know you meant well but sometimes, it can become quite exasperating.

You are really looking forward to the arrival of baby adik. From the way you've separated your toys ("This is for baby adik. Nanti Zareef can show baby adik how to play with it".) to helping us set out the cot and changing table to volunteering to getting her nappies and other stuffs and saying that "Nanti Zareef jaga baby adik for Mummy". Your eyes shine whenever you looked at baby adik's ultrasound on the monitor. And that, my son, I know that you will be the responsible brother that we hope you would be.

Like I've written down in last year's post, I'll say it again and I will not stop saying it. I will move heaven and earth for you to make everything go smoothly your way. I will beg, borrow and even steal for your wellbeing. Anything for my son.

You have complete Mummy's and Daddy's lifes and now with the impending arrival of baby adik next month, that will be an added bonus. I simply cannot imagine my life without you. Not a single day, not a single minute. And because of that, I have decided to give up pursuing my career and instead stay at home to be with you so that you can get the best possible care that I can give you. I must say, it has been worth it. You have bloomed right in front of me, surprising me everyday with your antics, your wit, your concern and your thoughts. Not once have I ever regret giving up my job to raise you myself.

My son Zareef,
On this joyful and wonderful day, Mummy and Daddy vow to make it the happiest day of your life. But it won't stop today, it will go on for as long as both of us live. You're our angel, our love, our life. You're just the perfect son that we've always wanted (but can you please cut down on your merajukness and hard-headedness? That would really help, thank you!). We love you very much son. May Allah bless you with all the good things that life has to offer. Amin!