Thursday, September 18, 2008

Stories to Tell

I've abandoned writing my thoughts for quite some time. My bad. I give credits to my laziness, writer's block, endless cake orders and the craziness of running a household.

At the moment, I've just recovered from a very bad case of fever and sore throat. Temperature reached 39 and my tonsil was swollen and covered with pus. Euuuwww... I know. Body is still aching and weak. I had to turn down several cake orders. My apologies!

In random order...

1. My family went to Redang during the August school holidays. Four families went so the chaos and havoc that came with it was unavoidable. We stayed at a beach-front, sea-facing chalet in Mozana. Zareef, Zara and their cousins had a whale of a time playing with sand, swimming in the sea and snorkeling during our 3D2N stay there. In fact, they practically lived in their swimsuits during the day from sunrise till sunset. The end result? All of us got a nice tan from the trip and everyone was hooked to snorkeling especially my Dad, so much so that we've already planned our next trip to Sabah this December with a trip to Pulau Manukan in mind.

2. In my effort to further beautify the house, we've decided to splash our boring old, crummy cream walls with vibrant colors. Steering clear from kindy colors, we've opted for reds, olives, pewter grays, espresso, plum pink, sunbaked orange and brewster blue. Banyak tuh! I went running around getting price quotations from painters and we finally settled for one affordable contractor that came highly recommended by my good friend and her mom. Since I'm down and out from the fever, so painting the house will have to take a backseat and resume after Raya.

3. Related to item no. 2, I've designed an under staircase storage with a display cabinet attached to it. Also ran around Puchong trying to get the best deal. I asked for four quotations and one came up to my expectation with a reasonable price. They're coming next week to do the installation. How does it look? You'll just have to come to my house and see it for yourself.

4. BIL just had his newborn last Saturday. I haven't had the chance to see my new niece (since I was sick and all and didn't want to pass the virus to a newborn) but from what Zareef told me, she's cute as a button. Her name? Nusaibah Irdina. Nice!!

5. So far, I've only cooked four times during Ramadan. All four times were food to be brought to houses that we were lucky enough to be invited for iftar. B gave me a mandate. He told me not to cook during this whole month of Ramadan. Just go out and buy from the sellers at the Pasar Ramadan to help generate their economy. At least, that'll give them some spending money for Raya. Yeahhhhhayy... I couldn't help but jump up and down with glee. Despite several friends of mine who are also my neighbors saying that the Pasar Ramadan in our vicinity sucks big time, I'll have to beg to differ. NOT ALL suck. Some stalls are actually quite good. Yes, I've had my fair share of bad food but I've managed to get some good ones as well. Zareef's favorite would be nasi lemak with ayam goreng berempah takde sambal from this one lady. My favorite laksam would be from another lady who is selling it for RM 1.50. Small portion but sedapp I tell you. B would go for nasi kerabu and Zara? She'll have a little bit of everything that we have.

6. At long last, Zareef got his ultimate wish of owning a GameBoy. It all started with his finger getting all swollen and infected and started to have pus in it. It got really bad on the eve of our departure to Redang. Fearing that he won't enjoy himself with a swollen finger while on holiday, B decided to take him to SunMed A&E to have a doctor to look at it. Doc said that he'll have to prick Zareef's finger and squeeze the pus out. Zareef being the scaredy-cat, howled and bawled and almost kicked the Doc out. To ease the torture, B promised him a Ben 10 figurine if Zareef would allow the Doc to prick his finger. You know what he said? "Zareef tak nak Ben 10. Zareef nak GameBoy" Hahaha.... dalam tengah sakit2 and nangis2, my little boy boleh blackmail his Daddy to buy him a GB. Maka, terpaksa la Daddy succumbed to his boy's whinny need. After all the drama, I told B, I could have done it at home with a sterilized needle, free of charge. Tak payah beli GB. So, the next day, we went to Subang Parade to buy his GB. It costs me RM 550 for the console and the game. The hospital bill was only RM 83. Go figure!

7. I have lost faith in our government. What were they thinking using ISA on a journalist who was merely doing her job on reporting a news of a suspended politician??!! I salute Zaid Ibrahim for standing by his principles saying that ISA should ONLY be for terrorists who are a threat to the country and resigning for it. I read the local politic news with much amusement because they are so obsessed with teenie weenie bit of political agenda when there are so much more other news worthy to report off.

More ramblings, rantings and ravings to come. I shall stop for now. Medicine time!