Tuesday, May 23, 2006

I Feel Soooo Ancient

I'll be 30 in next month but already I'm feeling quite old and battered. I need to rejuvenate myself. Something that'll refresh and energize me. I need to revive my senses. Goshhh... I think I need to be pampered. Hmmm... a spa should do it. Alinggg... *hint hint!*

Pregnancy wise, it's progressing along fine albeit still feeling queasy and nauseous 24-7. This is my 15th week into the pregnancy and I still feel the strong raging hormones wreaking havoc in my body. I can't wait for all these to end.

I'll be heading for Sukma's wedding this Sunday which coincidentally coincides with my mom's 66th birthday. Hmm... what can I get for mom? Maybe I'll take her shoe-shopping. She said she badly needs a nice pair of shoes for formal occasions. Yeah... that's it. Metrojaya is having a sale. So I think I'll take her there.

By the way, any Boilers out there who are going to Sukma's wedding? Want to convoy? Call me ya!

My alma mater will be having a high tea reunion at the new SSP in Cyberjaya on the 17th of next month. I've signed in. Actually, I'm feeling quite psyched to meet old buddies and at the same time, I'm quite curious to sneak a peek at the new establishment. I've passed through it a few times but have never had the opportunity to see the insides. From pictures that I saw, there is even a rock-climbing wall. If I weren't pregnant, I would definitely have given it a try. So my dear SSpians out there who happens to read this, do come by the new school on 17th June from 8.30-4 pm. Ohh by the way, it's for batch SPM 91 onwards only. Don't ask me why. I'm not the one organizing it.

AIA's fixed home loan rate of 5.99% will end on the 31st of May. After that, it will rise to how much, I have no idea given that BLR is now 6.75%. So, anyone interested in refinancing or purchasing new homes, please email me at noresh_anshar@yahoo.com for more details. I assure you that you'll save at least a few hundreds each month by refinancing to a lower FIXED interest rate.