Thursday, August 20, 2009


I used to have only a pair which I bought with my baking revenue as a reward to myself for my hard work. But today, will be a historical event that certainly made it into my book....

Thanks to a friend, I'm able to buy all these at very, very affordable price. And no, they're not fake. All are originals albeit rejected but I don't care. I can't even detect the flaws . I even bought the basket. I just couldn't resist it. It was so cute and calling out my name. Perfect for picnics and trips to the beach and pool!

Korang nak ke? Kalau nak, email cepat to But I'll have to forewarn you that only limited designs and sizes are available. Ohhh... did I tell you that there are Jibbitz too? Yupp... cute adorable ones at ciput price.

I am so in Crocs heaven right now... hehehhhee...

Friday, August 14, 2009


I'm a crappy Mom and I'm not proud of it :( .

Taking care of a sick son, handling a soon to be terrifying three daughter, being at home 24-7, doing all the housework, minimum adult interaction and being cooped-up at home have taken a toll on me.

I'm depressed, tired, cranky, moody, angry, irritable, short-fused and bitter all rolled into one.

Forgive me, my children. It's not entirely you. Mommy just needs to vent out, let it off my chest and sulk in a corner for a while. Let's hope this momzilla mode will go off soon.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Thought Of The Day...

If a wife can survive without a husband, can a husband survive without a wife?

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Randomly Rambling...

1. Zareef is sick - high temperature, whooping cough with the occasional projectile vomit to boot. He hasn't been to school for three days now and I plan to keep him at home for the rest of the week. Yeay! for him but Nay! for me.

You see, when my child gets sick, it's me they come clinging to like a baby koala. Daddy just doesn't do it for them. Hence the haggard mummy that you'll see trying to sort out fights between brother and sister, the neverending berebut session which will only end when Mummy makes a bellowing sound that'll put a bull to shame or the ceaseless mess that they seem to find joy making. Oh such fun job I have trying store order in my home.

2. I had the best of time with my shopaholic sisters last Saturday. Venue was Yaya's @ Rimbun Soraz. Food was potluck style courtesy from all except one (you know who you are hence the next round of food will be on you ya!). It was a vicious cycle of yakking, eating, laughing, camwhoring, karaokeing, yakking, eating, laughing and by then I had to take leave. I know, I missed out on the juicy parts of the gathering but duty calls (I am feeling rather bitter about it but nothing I can do about it, can I?). Next time, I'll be sure to make my whole day free for any such gatherings. You mark my word!

3. Sunday was spent at Janda Baik. I truly welcome the cool fresh air beating on my face, rolling greens that soothed my weary eyes and the carefree feeling that I experienced every time I'm there. It's like I checked all my worries and problems (macam banyak sangat masalah negara kan...) at the toll both and just let it be. It's my escape from the polluted, hustle and bustle city life of Puchong and its surroundings.

We had a durian feast at a durian orchard which was in season. While we were polishing off pangsa after pangsa of durians, more durians fell off the trees. Zareef and I went scampering after these fallen lots, all excited as it was our very first time collecting fresh durians which just fell off the trees. The taste? Just heavenly!! We even brought back two basketful of durians home to share among the family.

4. My doctor of a brother was telling us how he is having his hands full with patients coming in convinced that they've contracted the swine flu. They'd demand for Tamiflu when all they have is the common flu which is fully healable with a full round of Paracetamol and Amoxycillin (which I did with Zareef). Hundreds are queueing up at the A&E seeking for treatment making the waiting time to be an unbearable four to five hours at a time.

So people, panicking when you have a slight flu or an increased in body temperature will get you nowhere. Just head down to your nearest clinic and meet the GP. Get all the meds that you can get hold off and spend three days at home medicating yourself. If on the fourth day, you still feel like shit with a high temperature, then by all means rush yourself to the nearest public A&E and get yourself tested. However rest assured, if treated early and right, you can save yourself from the long torturing queue. Right now, the hospital is the last place you want to be seeing that it's a breeding place of all evil viruses. Your home is the safest and cleanest place to be right now and comfy to boot.

That's all I can think of now. I'm back to nursing my son to health. Alhamdulillah, at the time that I'm writing this, he's up and about playing outside with his sister and teasing her like crazy. Oh the sound of their laughter brings pure joy and is music to my ears. I'm off now to the playground. Let's just hope no one offers me a job as a maid again this time :P

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

An Uninvited Guest...

in my storeroom! I don't know how or when it got there. All we (Zara and I) heard were scrapping and rustling sound coming from the storeroom. Zara, being the inquisitive creature that she is, went into the room and started squealing with delight while pointing "Loooookkk Mommy! Looookkkk! Ada chicken! Hahahahhah..."

I went like "WHAT??". Betul ke anak aku nih?! And so I peeked. Lo and behold....

There it was in its full glory, cock-a-doodling away. I was scared shit! I tried to shoo it away but it came full force at me in an attack mode complete with wide-spread wings. Gila ayam nih!! Siap terbang-terbang lagi!!!

I shut the door and let it enjoy my storeroom for awhile while I went to pick up Zareef from school and try to think up of a plan to get rid of the chicken before it crapped in my storeroom which would be totally gross! Urgghhh...

Using my kids as a human barricade, I pulled up my courage and shooed this pesky fowl with a newspaper. It flew about me making angry sounds while I swatted at it with all my might, trying to usher it out of the door, into my kitchen and out through the back door.

Zareef and Zara went wild and started to shout, with the former giving me all kinds of ideas while the latter simply cheering me on. Hahahhha... what a sight!

I finally managed to shoo it out through my kitchen door. Goshhh... an excitement that needless to say, I don't need at all. I was so high-strung that the next natural thing to do was to drink some water forgetting that I was fasting. Oh well, I might as well eat after all the commotion and excitement.

What's next? A cow in my kitchen?? I certainly hope not!