Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Me, Weird??

The rule of this tagging game is this:

People who are tagged should write a blog post of six weird things about them as well as state this rule clearly. In the end, you need to choose six people to be tagged and list their names. Don't forget to leave a comment that says 'you are tagged' in their comments and tell them to read your blog.

I have been tagged by Ibah about 6 weird things about me. It seems that almost all the blogs that I've visited has this. So... here goes...

Weird # 1:

When I want to lull myself to sleep at night, I would take the corner of my blankie and twist up a small part of it and stick it into my ears. I then, would gently stroke my ears until I fall asleep. B was literally rolling on the floor laughing out loud when he got to know about it 6 years ago when we got married. I've been doing it since forever and I can't seem to break away from it. It's my ultimate comfort zone, therefore I do it secretly not wanting to share it with anyone. But now, it's out in the open.

Weird # 2:

I have this habit of counting everything that I do. I don't count aloud. I just do it in my heart. Like when I go up and down the stairs at home or any other stairs, I would unconciously start to count 1, 2, 3... When I whisk my eggs, I'll count the number of rounds that I've done. At night, I'll start to count the lamp posts one by one, that is provided B is driving. When I pick up the clothes from the laundry line, I'll count the number of hangers and clothes peg as I remove them from the hangers and unpeg them.

Weird # 3:

I can't stop myself from buying shoes and bags. Shoes, I can control but not bags. Noooooo... not bags. I have bags that I've never knew that I bought, some I haven't paraded around and some even have their original tissue stuffings in them! Sheesshh!! I discovered all of them when I moved to my new house and started to unpack my stuffs. Most of them were bought when I was studying in Purdue. The many, many shopping sprees to the factory outlets have resulted in me being a bag and shoe hoarder. I'm thinking of selling them (the bags and shoes) for el-cheapo prices. They range from Esprit, Nine West, DKNY, Guess to BCBG and YSL. Any buyers? It's more of an obsession rather than weird, don't you think so?

Weird # 4:

I eat nasi lemak and nasi goreng using a spoon but I eat the normal rice using my fingers. I don't feel right eating the first two with fingers. Can't really explain it.

Weird # 5:

I have this odd but irritating habit of correcting other people's grammar and pronounciation as they speak. The most usual suspect would of course be B. I used to tease him whenever he said paper. He'd pronounce it like pepper. Occasionally, I would ask him "Aling... how do you pronounce paper?" and he'd oblige and go like this "Paaayyyyper" sambil jeling2 kat kita. I also get easily irritated whenever I read anything that's grammatically wrong. Aduhhhsss... sakit mata ku memandang. Not to say that I have perfect grammar and my writing is flawless but pleaseeee make an effort of trying to write grammatically correct. I was such a stickler for good grammar, that I became B's proof reader when he wrote his phd thesis. I read through page by page all of his 200-something pages of draft before he handed it in to his supervisor. I'm proud to say that his supervisor was very pleased and even surprised with his level of competency and almost flawless writing.

Weird # 6:

I always, always blurt out whatever that is in my mind at that particular moment. Sometimes, people find it funny but most of the time, I find it to be shameful on my part. I mean, what I blurted out can be hurtful to others. So now, I try to control myself and try to think before I speak. That's my bad on my part.

Since I have to tag 6 more people, I'm tagging Zoowra, Dilla, Zied, Nong, Along (if you're up for it) and Llah (because she has not updated her blog for a very long time).

Friday, March 02, 2007

Bake Sale

"Ada ke orang nak beli?" That was the first thing I asked a friend when she suggested that I start selling my cakes. Her answer was 1) To roll her eyes till they could roll no more 2) "They'd be insane not to buy!"

Well... Cik Z... I'm heeding your advise and here goes...

Introducing my first bake sale, ever... What started out as a hobby to fill up my past time and Zareef's constant demand for cakes has turned out to be a passion so strong that it caught me by surprise and now to take it to the next level. To make it into a money-churning business.

Yes... I'm ashamed to admit that I need to sell my cakes to sustain my insatiable appetite for shopping plus I need MY OWN money! Penat la nak justify to B why I need this, why I need that. Wives... you know what I mean, right?! Anyway...

The above is a Carrot Cake with Cream Cheese topping. Very rich, moist and I would dare say that one slice is never enough. It comes in two sizes; small weighing in at 900g and large weighing in at 1.6 kg. The price? Small (as above) is RM 35 while a large one is RM 65 (I really do encourage volume purchases not that I mind baking the small ones, I do. It's just that it's more energy-saving).

Next, is my pride and joy. Actually, both are but of late, this has been getting more demands and popular with customers and they've been singing praises for my Chocolate Fudge Brownies. I'm selling a small piece weighing in at 600g for RM 25 while a large piece (as shown above) weighing in at 1.3 kg for RM 45. Again, I encourage volume rather than size. But if you have a small family consisting of just two or three people, it doesn't make sense to order a large one and have it stashed in your refrigerator for days, does it? But in my humble opinion, that will never happen!

I do make Cheesecakes with oreo base topped with either blueberry or strawberry. They only come in one large size and it's priced at RM 75. Sorry, no pictures yet because they get eaten before I could snap a decent picture of it. Next time ya!

The other one would be the Prune Cake. It's the same size as the Brownies and it costs RM 25 for a small one and RM 45 for a large one.

I do make deliveries but as always, there will be a delivery charge. Sorry, I have to because my house is conveniently located between the LDP and KESAS, so I have to pay toll charges everytime I get in or out of the house. I charge RM 10 per delivery for Puchong, Shah Alam, Subang Jaya, Putrajaya, Cyberjaya, PJ, Damansara, Kelana Jaya, Bangsar while it's RM 15 for Klang, downtown KL, Cheras, Ampang and Keramat. Order la banyak mana pun cakes, I still charge RM 10 for the former and RM 15 for the latter per delivery per address. Cukup la nak bayar for my fuel and toll charges.

For further information and pictures of said cakes, please go to http://bakingwithpassion.blogspot.com. Please email me with your order details at noresh_anshar@yahoo.com or just leave your details in the comment section.

Looking forward to doing business with you! Thank you.