Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Back to Normal

After a month long of football overdose (that's B. I only joined in the fun during the quarter-finals onwards), it's back to normal sleeping hours for him and me. Why me? Because usually after watching football, B would come into bed and start to kacau me.

Then, there was Wimbledon. I was flipping back and forth between channel 82 and 83. It's a wonder the remote didn't konked out on me. I'm so happy that Mauresmo and Federer won. But what was Federer thinking wearing that white jacket when entering the center court? Argghhh... someone should shoot his stylist! Such an overkill!!

Now, we can start concentrating on more pressing matters like... doing up our home. Work is currently in progress. The grilles are in, the electrician is rewiring the whole house, the plumber will be in to connect our pipes to the main supply so that water pressure on the upper floor will be stronger and install the hot showers, then the electrician will be in again to install all fans, aircond and lights and finally... the people from the kitchen shop will install the kitchen cabinets and built-in wardrobe. Lepas tu barula upacara membasuh rumah. Then can we only move in. Phewwww... sounds tiring.

All our money that we've saved up has been used. We've been sucked high and dry. Did I mention furnitures? You're right... I didn't because there will be none, save for a two-seater that we bought before we went to UK, our bed which I bought when we were getting married andddd... that's it! Oh my... that's it people. Our home will be a Japanese-Zen like style. The living and dining area will be bare until further dough comes rolling in. Come to think of it, what the hell did I bring back in that 20-footer container of mine? Hmmm... toys, toys and more toys! Goodness!! Why the hell didn't I buy 2nd hand furnitures over there?! Waittt... I know why. Our house then was so tiny, we couldn't possibly fit in anymore extra furnitures unlike some of our friends who went furniture-hunting like mad on ebay and bought truck loads of them and were lucky enough to have garages for them to hoard their finds.

Hmmpphhh... maybe I should sell a set or two of my chinas so that I can buy myself a decent set of sofa for the living area and a dining set. If I do, any takers?? Or... I could hold a garage sale and sell off half of the stuffs that we brought home. Hey... that's an idea! Or... you people out there can start buying from me medical cards and education insurance for your family and children. You know... these two things; hospitalization and education are not getting any cheaper. We know that hospitalization and surgeries cost a bomb nowadays and I know for a fact that scholarships and education loans will be scarce by the time Zareef is ready to head to college. So... give me a call people and I'll try my best to sort out your woes and misery.