Wednesday, November 25, 2009

The Deal

When Zareef started his Year One early this year, we made a deal - he will be rewarded handsomely if he gets any one of the top three in his class. Boy, was he excited.

Then, sometime in the middle of the year, his cousins graduated from a GameBoy to a PSP. Seeing that a PSP was far more interesting than the GameBoy, he started requesting for one. Inasmuch as we wanted to buy it for him (in this case, it'll benefit Mommy as well hehehhe), we didn't want it to be an easy one for him i.e. he asks for anything and we buy for him. That's totally spoiling him and we'd end up with a brat, which, is a big NO-NO.

So, we striked a deal with him. The deal was and still remains that he'll get his PSP ONLY if he gets first in class. That's it. Not second, not third but first. A hard bargain there but I firmly believe in rewarding hard work. It'll be that much sweeter, won't it?

Zareef did work hard. He got eighth for his first PKSR and recently for his finals, he moved up to fifth in his class with an overall of 80% which to me was good enough. After a week, he brought home his result slip and gave it to me to look, sign and of course praise him :) .

After hugging and kissing him for his excellent results, he said "Tengokla belakang kertas tu Mommy". Huhh?? And when I turned, I read this,

I just laughed in disbelief! It was such a sweet note asking for a PSP but if I can't buy it for him, then he's okay with it. Oh boy, my heart melted reading his note and I almost caved in but a deal is still a deal. Backing out of it would only relay to Zareef that it's okay to get less than expected and he'll still be rewarded. Not a good idea.

I asked him to justify why does he deserve the PSP and he started listing down his good deeds which to him was monumental and an achievement. After listening to his reasons, I told him that I'll discuss it with his Daddy and we'll sleep on it.

That night, when B got home, I showed Zareef's result slip. After going through his son's results while nodding and smiling, I asked B to turn over the paper. He did and a wide smile broke out with "Alahai... kesian la pulak". My point exactly!

We discussed over the matter and we reached a decision. The next morning when B sent Zareef to school, he talked it over with Zareef and striked another deal.

Zareef can only have his PSP if and only if he gets circumsized. "Haaa!! Sunat??!!". After what seems an eternity, he nodded limply and said "Okaylah...." with a sad face. Deal sealed :)

Now that it's the school holidays, Zareef will be circumsized this Sunday, 29th November along with his four cousins at Klinik An-Nur, Bangi laser styled. At least, these boys will come of age together as they always do. It'll definitely be a merry do at the clinic.

My sister-in-laws and I have decided to hold a kenduri doa selamat for our boys this Friday on Raya Haji itself at my parents' house in Klang and has invited everyone from the neighborhood, relatives and friends. Seekor kambing akan tumbang for this occasion. So, if you are in the hood, please drop by to join in the kenduri. It'll be held after solat Jumaat.

And so, Zareef got what he wished for but will only be bought after he goes through the process. No point of buying it now when he'll have the chance to back out at the last minute, right?!

My boy is growing up! He's coming of age! I'm happy for him but at the same time I'm sad. He's growing too fast. I just want to hug and kiss him and cuddle him in my arms forever but I can't possibly do that, can I? I'm quite apprehensive about him going through the ordeal but rest assure, I'm dragging B into it as well. No way I'm going in the operating room alone. Karang pengsan aku nak hold Zareef down alone.

Selamat Hari Raya Aidiladha semua!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

I Won! I Won!

Yes! I won the quiz on Matun's blog. Please excuse my jakun-ness as I have never ever won any quizzes before. I have yet to know what I won. Tak kisah la apa-apa pun. Janji jangan dapat kimchi sudah :P

Thank you so much Matun for picking me. Sayang awak! :D

Thursday, November 12, 2009

My Princess Is Three!

My darling Zara,

I still cannot believe that you're already three. It seems like it was just yesterday that I cried tears of joy upon hearing from the doc that I was carrying a girl. I just couldn't believe it and had to ask her repeatedly for assurance. Not that I wasn't thankful. I was, believe me I still am. It's just that given the hereditary lineage of both sides of the family, getting a girl is as good as impossible. I could only thank God at that time and also your Daddy's soldiers, of course ;)

You've well passed your Terrible Two stage but now that you're a certified Terrifying Three, I'm just gobsmacked at your new antics. Like the time I told you "Look Zara, tengah hujan kat luar" and you innocently replied, "Bukan hujan la Mommy, it's raining". Okay, I see the pattern here. You're just like your brother when he asked me, "Mommy, what is ungu?". And that was recently at the age of seven. Blame me for teaching you more in English than Bahasa. I just want you to be well-versed in both language although it seems that you're more inclined on the former rather than the latter. Oh well, you can't have it all, can you?

Your cheeky grin and impish smile have never ceased to put a smile on my face even on my most sombre moods and angriest moment. That's the only reason I nicknamed you "Cheeky Monkey". Your infectious laugh when I tickle you is the ultimate elixir to soothe away my woes.

Most people that has met you would never stop exclaiming how much you look like me. I'm glad for I wouldn't want it any other way.

Abang Zareef is your idol of the moment. Everywhere he goes, you go. To you, he can do no wrong. It fills me with so much joy watching you and Abang (as you fondly call him) playing together, teaming up while concocting some pranks to pull on Mommy or Daddy. Alhamdullillah, I didn't have to worry about any sibling rivalry. You and Abang got along just fine and dandy.

But with any relationships, there will be some cat fights along the way. You and Abang are not excluded from that. When you fight, you'd scream, shout and push your claws out making it hard to believe how one minute you were such angel and turn into a banshee next.

But I wouldn't want you any other way. You're my sunshine. You have so much love to give that you'll just keep on hugging and kissing me till I can't say 'STOP'. You would ask if I'm sick or in pain at the slightest change of expression or moan. I love you kiddo, for all the love that you have in that tiny heart of yours.

Ohhhh... not forgetting, how much you adore Daddy. Your eyes would light up at the moment you hear Daddy's car pulling into the driveway. You'd dance a little jig and jump up and down, excited that Daddy's finally home after a long hard day at work. I am definitely not wrong by saying that you are Daddy's girl.

Once Daddy is in the house, Mommy dah tak laku. You'll eat, drink, change your diapers, have your susu and sleep with Daddy. Although Daddy doesn't really say or show it, I'm pretty sure the feeling's mutual.

We truly love you Princess to infinity and beyond, for all that you are. Mommy and Daddy wish only the best in life for you and we only want your love in return. Just that. We would do anything for your happiness and well-being even if it means that we have to beg, borrow or steal.

Happy 3rd birthday Zara. May Allah bless with you with all the good things in life. We pray that you'll be a solehah daughter here and thereafter.

Love you always kiddo,
Mommy and Daddy

Friday, November 06, 2009


Am I?

Thursday, November 05, 2009

Happy Seventh Birthday Zareef!

My dearest Zareef,

Firstly, please forgive me my son for delaying your birthday post. A lot has happened since your birthday that Mommy, somehow or rather, forgot (most of the time) or was feeling mighty lazy (this would always be the case) to write about you.

13th October marked the day you were borned. It seems like it was just yesterday that I went through 30 hours of hellish labor and now you've turned into this wonderful, sweet and thoughtful brother that Mommy and Daddy could not ask for more.

Your love for the outdoors is so great that if given the choice, you would rather spend every second of every minute being a part of it despite me telling you repeatedly to come inside whenever it rains. You are never afraid to try out new activities and it gives me great pride to see you thriving well in everything that you do be it catching a large fish from Tok Dol's pond or deciding not to use your floaties and join me in the adults' pool to jumping from the jetty into the deep blue sea but with a lifejacket of course! You definitely took that from me :) . One day, when you're tall enough, you can accompany Mommy on roller coaster rides and leave your chicken of a Daddy to man our bags down below hehehhe...

I thank Allah SWT for bestowing me with the best gift that I could ever ask for. Having you in my life has indeed changed me to be a better person - more responsible, less likely to act compulsively, a super multitasker and have more patience eventhough it's not my best virtue. You've continued to test me and Daddy with every possible challenge there is, like the time I lost you at Midvalley when I was nine months pregnant with your sister or when you thought burying a live kitten in the sand was funny. You certainly kept me on my toes...

This year also marks a new milestone in your life as you embarked on a journey called school. It puts a smile on my face to see that you enjoy school tremendously, do your homework diligently *ehem* and passed your exams with flying colors especially your Science subject. However, one grouse that I have is your inability to wake up in the morning. Please la Zareef... penat tau Mommy and Daddy nak kejut pagi-pagi and it has been almost a year already! Hopefully, when you enter Year Two, you'll be more inclined to wake up on your own without us threatening to pour cold water down your neck.

So my dear son, I have nothing but the best to wish you in your life. Daddy and I have and will always pray that you become the anak yang soleh, berjaya di dunia and akhirat. As the eldest, I have high hopes that you'll always look after your sister and us. We will always be here for you for every step that you take, every stumble that you fall upon, every achievements that you accomplish and every joyous occasion that you celebrate, InsyaAllah...

Please remember that Mommy and Daddy love you very, very much. We'd go to the moon and back to make your every wish come true. Our sky is the limit. Our only hope is for you to love us back with every bone in your body till our last days on Earth.

Happy 7th Birthday my darling! May this year be better than the last. God bless!!

Lots of love,

Mommy and Daddy.