Wednesday, December 09, 2009

When The Mind Goes Blank...

I have tonnes of thoughts going through my mind at the moment but I can't seem to put it in writing. When I try, it'll always start with three sentences and then I'm left wordless. I can't string even the simplest words together. That explains why I have four posts waiting to be edited and published in my "Edit Posts" section.

Sometimes I just wish that I can siphon my thoughts and channel it into a huge bowl just like Dumbledore did to his. That would be totally cool. Then at least I won't be tossing and turning on bed, trying my hardest to make myself go to sleep while I have all these thought lingering my head like what cake orders are for tomorrow, what shall I cook tomorrow, where shall I bring the kids as to un-glue them from the idiot box, what designs should I do for a school-theme cupcakes or why was hubby all quiet when he got home from work today.

I'll be back with more blog-worthy posts, not that I have anyone to impress but myself. For now, I'll just sojourn into my kitchen to unblock my mind.

Tuesday, December 01, 2009

The Deal - Part II...

that was supposed to materialize last Sunday at 2 pm, fell through!

Zareef was scared shit of the needle when the surgeon wanted to anesthetized his penis. He cried, screamed and kicked up a fuss. So we went out and gave way to my nephew.

Upon seeing his cousin who came out from the A&E with a sarong, smiling and all with a brand spanking new PSP in hand, Zareef who was bawling previously, said he wanted to give it a try again. So, in we went.

He was all okay lying on the operating table with a borrowed PSP in hand, saying that he wanted to play the Ben 10 game while the procedure went underway. But again, when he saw the surgeon holding up the needle, he went BERSERK!

The surgeon finally said he's too young and not ready to be circumsized. So we left the A&E again with Zareef sobbing uncontrollably. We waited till all my nephews went in one by one to be circumsized. Finally, when the last one came out, Zareef pluck up his courage and said he was ready to go in again. Just as we were about to go in, the surgeon came out and said he was in a rush be somewhere and can't perform the circumcision on Zareef.

Zareef went home bitterly disappointed. He sobbed and wailed in the car all the way home. At one point, I even asked him, "Zareef nangis teruk2 ni kenapa? Sebab tak dapat sunat ke sebab tak dapat PSP?" to which he responded with an even louder of a wail. Nasib la kau, nak oiii... Mommy dah bermurah hati offer kau PSP kalau kau sunat tapi sebab takut sangat tengok jarum tuh, dua kali masuk dua kali tak jadi.

Oh well, there will always be next year, or the year after but I'm putting a cap when he reaches 10. Masa tu memang la kena paksa. Worst come to worst, I'll just ask the surgeon to do a general anesthetic on him and perform the circumcision while he's in LaLa land.

Jadi, itulah ceritanya Zareef yang tak jadi nak sunat. Thank you all for your kind wishes, monies and prayers. I hope it won't have an expiry date ;)