Wednesday, October 12, 2005

A Beginning to an End - Part IV

B's viva which is supposed to be today at 2 pm has been POSTPONED to an undetermined date sometime end of October because his external examiner has emailed in sick. He just got to know about it yesterday evening.

He is very disappointed because he has his mind set on it and has been all out in preparing for his big day. Well, what can I say darling. Yes, you've worked hard and will continue to do so but Allah Al-Mighty is the decision maker and He knows best.

Like you said, "Maybe ada hikmah kot kena postpone. Maybe God knows that I'm not fully prepared yet even though I think I am".

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me said...

Insya-Allah, as your hubby said, Allah knows best. I believe that he'll be alright for his viva. sbb ada sorg m'sian kat sini pun ada yg buat PhD yg mmg gempak, and the examiner first praised his work, and later it was more like chatting. Just continue on praying and furthermore, it's a blessing month... Insya-Allah khair, it will turn alright.