Monday, November 28, 2005

A Little Bit of Everything

I know... I know... I've been neglecting this blog of mine again. So, here goes a round of updates.

1) We are cleaning the house and packing our stuffs furiously because... we're going home next Saturday. Yupp, folks! Finally, the time has come for us to bid farewell to this land that I've called home for the past 3.5 years. Seriously, it's no joke trying to spring clean our abode despite it being a tiny two-bedroom, 1 bath house. I have to sort out which goes to our friends, which goes to charity and which goes to the dumpster. Talk about being a hoarder!! And did I forget to include the food that I have to wade through??!!! My goodness!! I didn't realize that I've been hording packets and tins of food which quarter of them expired nearly two years ago!

2) I'm quite worried and feeling a wee bit apprehensive about Zareef going through a 13-hour flight. He has never been on a long-haul flight before and this being his first, will be quite an adventure for us all. We'll see how it goes. Any advice out there on how to handle a toddler on his first ever long haul flight? I've received some valuable advice from Rini. Thanks dear!

3) I've been telling Zareef about our journey to Malaysia which is coming up real soon. I told him that we'll be going home to Malaysia and this is what he said:

"Bukan... ni home kita. Kita nak go to Malaysia for holiday. And then, kita come back home here and Zareef have to go to school" while shaking his head indignantly.

Oh dear! With that reply, I'm pretty sure that Zareef will be asking when are we going home in no time at all. Just like the time when we went to stay at Bogo's and Fern's place. The first night that we were there, he was howling like mad wanting to go home. He didn't understand the concept of staying over. After what seemed like an eternity, he finally gave in and cried himself to sleep after we promised him a train ride to London.

4) I've taken out my IUD last Thursday. The gynae was bewildered as to why am I taking it out after just having it put in for only 6 months when the thing has a life expectancy of 5 years. All I could say was, "I've some change in plans. Plus, my son will be 4 years old next year. So, I'd really like for him to have a sibling by that time". Without further adieu, she crank me wide and pulled out the IUD. This time, it was smooth sailing and painless. Phewww... what a relief!

5) We have yet to receive confirmation from UPM regarding our tickets. Yikes! And we're going home this Saturday! Apa la yang lambat sangat ni!!

6) I've put up a mental list of things that I want to eat when I get back home. At the top of my list is whalloping Japanese food!!! Yes people, I know it sounds weird but it's so expensive to buy Japanese food here unless you have an income of 40k per year like one person I know, then, it's a big whack to the wallet if you plan to eat out at any Japanese restaurants here. I'm dying and itching to walk into Ichiban and eat to my heart's content. Anyone up for Japanese food with whales to the likes of B and I? Oh... and Zareef included. He's an avid sushi eater. I'm proud to say that my son can eat through 6 pieces of sushi that I make in one single seating which is quite a lot for a 3 year old, I must say.

7) I can't wait to meet up with relatives and friends whom I've not met for 3.5 years. One thing for sure, they'll be extremely surprice to see me because I have grown horizontally quite a bit during this long absence. So people, I know I'm fat but please, please, please don't remind me of that. It really hurts especially when I'm doing my best to reduce my supersize. Just be happy to see me and talk to me ya! I know my relatives won't keep their mouth shut. I know that they'll say, "Eeeee... gemuk nya Nora!!! Banyak sangat makan la nih" like the many times that I can remember since forever. When I was scrawny (this was like aeons ago when I was in SSP), they'd go "Eeeeee... kurusnya Nora!!! Sekolah tak bagi makan cukup ke?" Ishhhh... gemuk pun salah, kurus pun salah! That is why, I always dread going back to my dad's kampung in Johor. They just don't have the courtesy to be courteous. Shesshhhh... some people!!! How they can be so heartless is beyond me. And yet they claim to be close relatives of mine when the fact is, every single word that comes out of their mouth are like daggers cutting deep into my heart.

8) This will be my second last post before I fly home. I'll write again once our tickets have been confirmed, which sadly to say, isn't today.

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