Monday, February 20, 2006

Meeting Shu, Bobbi and Mac

Yesterday, I had the chance to meet my girlfriends at MV without Zareef tagging along. Where was he?? He tagged his dad to see his Wan (B's mom) at Subang. How did I feel? FREEDOM!!! Yeah... that's what I felt.

Don't get me wrong. I truly love my son BUT when I've been with him from day one uptill now (he's four this year, by the way) every single minute every single hour every day, a few hours alone did wonderful things to my soul.

I enjoyed walking and yakking with my close buds without Zareef trailing and whining. I enjoyed eating my huge bowl of curry laksa while yakking (again!) with my friends without worrying about feeding Zareef. I enjoyed immensely going in and out from out store to another with my crazy girls while yakking (goshh... we women do yak a lot, don't we!) without having to keep a watchful eye over Zareef, worried that he'll go wandering and get kidnapped by crazy people.

Eventhough it was only for a mere 3 hours, I came back feeling refreshed, filled with renewed love and passion for my boy an husband, appreciating them more than ever. Tu baru 3 hours, imagine if I were gone for the whole day or even a week for that matter.

Anyway, we went to Shu Uemura to try on some makeups. Not one of the sales rep approached us to ask us if we needed any help. Instead, one did but from our behind while religiously following us or eyeing us with her watchful eye in case we popped an eye shadow or two in our bags. They were rather unfriendly and didn't even bother to make an attempt to be nice.

Then, we made a beeline to Bobbi Brown. Surprisingly, we were greeted with a warm smile from one of the sales rep. Since she did make an effort to make an eye contact, I started asking her about some of the products and told he that I particularly love their lipgloss range. Then she showed me a blusher cum lipgloss and she even applied it on me! Along and Liza looked on and oohhhhed and aahhhhed at me. Both of them said that it looked really natural on me. Hehehhe... free makeover for me. I even told the sales rep that she is way friendlier and nicer than the people at shu uemura. She glowed and thanked me. That should make her day. But seriously, this isn't the first time that I got a great treatment from the people behind Bobbi. The first time was at Subang Parade's Parkson Grand. They were really nice to me too even after I've tried some of their stuffs and walked away with nothing.

We moved on to MAC. Equally friendly and helpful but they didn't offer to try on the products that we queried on us. So, minus one point there. However, I do love the feel of their eye makeup. Talk about good quality stuff!

That's it. I'm going to save up and buy Bobbi's stuff after this. Not just because of their quality makeup but also due to their helpful and friendly staff that made a world of difference. I truly felt appreciated. That certainly made me a very satisfied customer.


doubleaye said...

MAC kat MV mmg kurang layan sikit - sbb tu i prefer to go to one in KLCC especially Shahidah - she's excellent! If you ever see her just tell her Lyana's friend - azura recommended you. She's lovely!

aku pergi MAC kat Selfridge & Co, takde la friendly mana pun...

Along said...

Heheh..we should do our girls-only outings more often. Next time on "business trips" to Indon!! Tak pun Nilai 3 pun jadilah dulu..hehehehe..

Ha'ah le Noresh, aku pun nak save up to but BB makeup le jugak. RM65 agak mahal for a foundation pack but if it lasts long and doesn't cause my face to break out plus gives me a nice, glowing look...oklah!! Just cannot tell hubby, nanti habis he'll be rolling his eyes at me.

noresh said...

zoowra: kalau mac kat mv kurang layan, shu kat situ lagi hampeh. the latter really looked down on us.

i'll be sure to drop your name when i go to klcc's mac. caya tak, sejak balik i haven't set foot in that fave place of mine!

try going to BB. see if their staffs are friendly or not. if they are, then they must have trained their staffs all over the world well on being friendly and courteous to customers. go la and see if i'm right or wrong.

along: YES WE SHOULD!! nak pegi nilai 3 tu memang no problem at all. i've been there and it's humongous!!! i don't know if a day trip cukup ke tak, hahahah... knowing me yg memang suka tanya macam2...

yes! we definitely have to save up. that's what i'm doing now. think about it la along oii. you pay like rm50 for a revlon or maybelline's foundation kan. why not save up a little bit more and spent it on BB or MAC yg memang dah confirm it's superiority quality.

diam2 je jgn bagitau hubby. beli and pakai dulu. i'm sure he'll notice the difference like B did when i got into the car when he came to pick me up after our rendezvous tu. once your hubby starts to compliment baru la buka pekung di dada. pastu cakap la "cantikkan! so okay la kan beli BB yg mahal sket tuh. takkan u tak bangga ada bini lawa " hehehhe... macam bagus je aku ngajar.

doubleaye said...

don't just drop my name - must mentioned lyana's name sbb lyana yang intro me to her. kang kau sebut nama aku je..dia tak kenal kang..sudah...

mama farizal said...

Agreed! hehehe... so much FREEDOM without our trailing partner.

BB foundation pack is RM65 eh? wht about compact powder? aku ni maleh nak pakai foundation coz it'll me hours to apply sbb mak tak reti sgt dek non. Karang bertempek. Hahaha... Betul ckp ko.. save 15-20 more dpt yg better dari maybeline sbb maybeline pon dah 49!

nong@kween said...

I used to swear by MAC, not masuk BB skali jugak. Oh I love their lipstick and lipgloss. PERFECT!!!