Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Me, Weird??

The rule of this tagging game is this:

People who are tagged should write a blog post of six weird things about them as well as state this rule clearly. In the end, you need to choose six people to be tagged and list their names. Don't forget to leave a comment that says 'you are tagged' in their comments and tell them to read your blog.

I have been tagged by Ibah about 6 weird things about me. It seems that almost all the blogs that I've visited has this. So... here goes...

Weird # 1:

When I want to lull myself to sleep at night, I would take the corner of my blankie and twist up a small part of it and stick it into my ears. I then, would gently stroke my ears until I fall asleep. B was literally rolling on the floor laughing out loud when he got to know about it 6 years ago when we got married. I've been doing it since forever and I can't seem to break away from it. It's my ultimate comfort zone, therefore I do it secretly not wanting to share it with anyone. But now, it's out in the open.

Weird # 2:

I have this habit of counting everything that I do. I don't count aloud. I just do it in my heart. Like when I go up and down the stairs at home or any other stairs, I would unconciously start to count 1, 2, 3... When I whisk my eggs, I'll count the number of rounds that I've done. At night, I'll start to count the lamp posts one by one, that is provided B is driving. When I pick up the clothes from the laundry line, I'll count the number of hangers and clothes peg as I remove them from the hangers and unpeg them.

Weird # 3:

I can't stop myself from buying shoes and bags. Shoes, I can control but not bags. Noooooo... not bags. I have bags that I've never knew that I bought, some I haven't paraded around and some even have their original tissue stuffings in them! Sheesshh!! I discovered all of them when I moved to my new house and started to unpack my stuffs. Most of them were bought when I was studying in Purdue. The many, many shopping sprees to the factory outlets have resulted in me being a bag and shoe hoarder. I'm thinking of selling them (the bags and shoes) for el-cheapo prices. They range from Esprit, Nine West, DKNY, Guess to BCBG and YSL. Any buyers? It's more of an obsession rather than weird, don't you think so?

Weird # 4:

I eat nasi lemak and nasi goreng using a spoon but I eat the normal rice using my fingers. I don't feel right eating the first two with fingers. Can't really explain it.

Weird # 5:

I have this odd but irritating habit of correcting other people's grammar and pronounciation as they speak. The most usual suspect would of course be B. I used to tease him whenever he said paper. He'd pronounce it like pepper. Occasionally, I would ask him "Aling... how do you pronounce paper?" and he'd oblige and go like this "Paaayyyyper" sambil jeling2 kat kita. I also get easily irritated whenever I read anything that's grammatically wrong. Aduhhhsss... sakit mata ku memandang. Not to say that I have perfect grammar and my writing is flawless but pleaseeee make an effort of trying to write grammatically correct. I was such a stickler for good grammar, that I became B's proof reader when he wrote his phd thesis. I read through page by page all of his 200-something pages of draft before he handed it in to his supervisor. I'm proud to say that his supervisor was very pleased and even surprised with his level of competency and almost flawless writing.

Weird # 6:

I always, always blurt out whatever that is in my mind at that particular moment. Sometimes, people find it funny but most of the time, I find it to be shameful on my part. I mean, what I blurted out can be hurtful to others. So now, I try to control myself and try to think before I speak. That's my bad on my part.

Since I have to tag 6 more people, I'm tagging Zoowra, Dilla, Zied, Nong, Along (if you're up for it) and Llah (because she has not updated her blog for a very long time).


zeedayazid said...

well thanks for tagging me :)

this is weird. we share 2 weird things - the counting (wahaha) and the grammar thing. btw, i hope u don't hate me but "stuff" is an uncountable noun so there is no plural to stuff i.e. not stuffS. this is a common misconception and it's perfectly forgiveable teehee don't kick yourself so hard over it :P

i'll list down my weirdness for the world to "enjoy" soon!


you forgot one more common thing that we share la zied. we share the same zodiac; gemini. in fact, four of us roomies share the same one, you, me, rina and ju.

nahhh.. i don't hate u. in fact, i love u even more, you oxymoron!!

Amy said...

Aduih, part kira-mengira tu aku tak tahan kak..aku senyum sorang2 depan laptop ni. Pasal makan nasi goreng dgn nasi lemak pakai sudu tu, u share the same weird habit with my mom and hubby. Kelako!
Cam sedap je cake tuh..isK problemo aku ialah orang kat rumah ni tak baper sgt makan cake, sure kena simpan dlm fridge ni kalau beli one big cake. Nanti la kalau office ada apa2 occasion, maybe bleh order. Sure ko makin kaya raya lepas ni kak, aku doa business ko success! Nanti aku tolong promote sama kat blog aku. :D

Strangecharm a.k.a Wawa said...


saya makan nasi lemak and nasi goreng guna sudu. i think many people share this weird habit to..

but wait, if it is done by many people, it is not weird anymore, is it?


kaezrin said...

nora..I am all with open heart sanggup[ jadi pembeli handbag anda..or u can let me help u to sell it...

FloweRinTheDesert said...

hi, i bloghopped from halwafy's site out of curiosity. yes to weird item #3 - maybe u can do the same with ur handbags like what ur doing with ur cakes! ;) I know i'd be interested!

Btw hv added ur baking blog to one of my sites. hope u don mind. Jus easier for me to keep track of ur baking updates. G'luck with ur cake business!


amy: hihi... kalau aku ada masa ko tgh senyum sorang2 depan pc tu, mesti aku dah gelakkan ko. eh, kalau tak leh nak habiskan the big one, you can always buy the small one esp. brownies tu. apa2 pun, tima kasih byk2 sebab sanggup promo kan cakes aku. Aku kaya? Alhamdulillahhh... moga2 masin la mulut ko tu..

wawa: you're back! lama tak dengar citer. yeah, i guess you're right if many people eat nasi lemak n nasi goreng using the spoon, then it won't be weird kan. nampak gaya kena la tambah lagi satu bende weird.

elin: u seriously wanna buy ke? semua dah outdated punya fesyen la. i beli masa zaman student dulu so taste pun ala2 muda la. pastu, some of them has been used but still in good condition. nanti bila kelapangan, i'll snap pixs of them and put them up ya.

flowerinthedesert: thanx for hopping over! and thanx for the wishes. will certainly be needing them! and yes, i'm seriously considering of selling of my bags since you're the second person interested in them.

osmansany said...

wei nora... i got three words for ya... obsessive cumpolsive disorder(OCD)!!!... the countings... that is a sure sign.

I think we are all taught to eat nasi campur(and burgers) with our hands.. other wise we will use fork n spoon... :D



OCD ke??!!! can't be la but can be jugak coz i count whenever i fold the clothes, stack the dishes, tidy away zareef's toys.


#AnaKbAdAk# said...

i thought your husband is a real doctor.Is he some sort of lecturer?hehehe..anyway, I just love reading your blog.The only common thing that we have is that..we share the same template of the blog.hahahaha


anakbadak: thanx for dropping by. i'm glad that you enjoy reading my ramblings.

yeah... he gets that all the time. when we were on the flight heading back home, the crew chief came over and asked my husband what is his specialization while looking at the passengers' list. hihihi... agaknya nak suruh perform medical miracles kot kalau2 ada emergency. my husband went... 'errr... sorry, i'm not a medical doctor. i'm the philosophical one'.