Wednesday, May 14, 2008


That's what he is now. Just got to know about it yesterday. Congratulations Darling!!! You totally deserve it!


K said...

errkk.. adakah 52 ini merujuk kepada level/gred? (takkan umur abang bad kot :P)

if that's the case (level/gred), congratsssss!!! :)

NadiahKhair said...

Hi kak nora,
i found your blog thru KS's.
And i found out that your husband, my husband and I are working in the same faculty.

Congrates on Dr Fadhlee's promotion by the way. Long overdue I might say.

nong@kween said...

Kalau kat bank aku ni, 52 tu kira tahap manajer laa... hehehehe...


Thank you very much for the kind wishes, ladies!

nadiah: huhu... this i got to tell hubby. eh wait, don't tell the people there about the existence of this blog ya. nanti ter over expose pulak suami saya itu.

nong: ye ke? aiyaiyai... ini mcm, allowance aku pun kena tambah la camni.

NadiahKhair said...

kak nora,
dont worry. ur secret is safe with me. *wink*
i pun takot nak reveal my addiction of blog hopping during work hours. :p

Amy said...

Ermm..aku tak paham 52 tu apa tapi from what I read here it's a promotion la...congrats to Bad and moga bertambah la beg Coach kak Noresh..AMIN ehehhehe.