Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The Chicken Kurma Phase

Zareef has a great love for Chicken Kurma and this love has been going for a year now. B and I call it the "Chicken Kurma Phase". Kalau boleh, tiap-tiap hari nak makan chicken kurma and oh boy, he certainly can lick em' plates squeaky clean every time.

When the phase started, I was all for it cooking chicken kurma for him every other day. But after a month of doing so, we, as in B and I got so bored and boleh muntah darah kalau makan another serving of chicken kurma.

So, after a while (a long while may I say so), I have resorted to buying them from a shop which I have come to become a regular customer, so much so, they'll be asking me where have I been should I not show my face there for more than three days. Hahaha... nampak sangat aku tak masak kan. Well I do, it's just that I find that cooking two pieces of chicken kurma everyday just for Zareef is SO not time economical especially since I have dabbled in the cake business.

I'm not sure when this "Chicken Kurma Phase" will end. Just like when we first got back from Loughborough, Zareef was in his "Kari Daging Phase" for months. Poor mom had to run out to the shops to buy them since she too got sick of cooking kari daging everyday. That phase lasts for a year.

On another note, I have decided to write short snippets everyday instead of writing long ones once in a while. The pieces may range from a sentence or two to several paragraphs. Whatever suits my mood. It seems that my loyal readers are ready to chop my head off if I were to ever go off for months without writing. So, today's snippet is about Zareef's obsession with chicken kurma.

Dah... aku dah tulis. Jangan bising2 nak saman aku ok!

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