Wednesday, December 03, 2008

All I Can Say Is...

Thank God I'm not stuck in Bangkok. And Thank God too that a friend I know came back safe and sound with her son a week earlier.

Imagine this scene where someone is stuck there but no one is supposed to know that someone is there... hehhehhee.... How does someone get help? Tak ke panic takut rahsia bocor?

I am in the midst of getting use to a change that I've done to myself. So far so good. Even got raving reviews from B but it comes with a big dent in my purse or shall I say B's wallet. Takpe lah. It's for something good so he doesn't mind... that much.

I am a very forgetful person! Today, I left my cheque book at Putrajaya's Tabung Haji!! I went there with Zareef and Zara in the morning. While I was at the counter of Pejabat Tanah Sepang in the evening, some guy from TH called me and asked me whether I was there sometime in the morning. At first, I thought it was a prank call whose purpose is to con me out of my money, (idiot me didn't think to go through my bag at that time) but upon further explanation from the guy, I was stricken with panic attack (lepas dah tonggang terbalikkan beg aku kat tengah2 jalan tang tu jugak). Never in my life have I drove so fast from Bandar Baru Salak Tinggi to Putrajaya... all in 15 minutes flat! I must have pressed the accelerator down to the floor board.

I can't wait for next month when we'll be going for a cuti-cuti Malaysia with my family. Land beneath the wind, here we come! So... please people, no orders from 16th-22nd December ya.

I'm hoping and hoping for... apa? Tak payah la tahu...


doubleaye said...

Oit what change are you talking about? And you better tell me in our other 'forum' what exactly are you hoping for? :P My life is nothing but work at the moment, so please help me keep my sanity!


hahahha... curious aren't you?!

fyi, i've already told u abt what i'm hoping for in the other 'forum'.

the change? just how i wear my tudung. i'm bored with wearing it the same style. so i've revamped my tudung wardrobe.

ms ngantuk said...

kak noresh, baru baca yer post. yes, thank God we came back safe n all aritu. nasib baik x jd apa. But bangkok is great, i'd go there again. It's a great place bawa family too. carilah dates yg thais ada any celebration relating to their culture or their king, mesti no one will protest/ hold the airport.