Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Zareef, Oh Zareef...

We were eating lunch one day about a month ago when Zareef started talking about his classmates of both schools (he goes to SKPU2 in the morning and KAFA in the evenings). I always cherish this private moment that I have with him where he and I would chat and eat, then chat and eat again with Zara diverting our attentions intermittently.

Back to the topic of his classmates, he would tell me that si A doesn't know how to spell or si B would always be late for school (yeah right, he talks as if he's always early :P), or how si C have to go to a daycare center in a van for a transit before proceeding to the same KAFA as he is.

I explained that his friends had to go to various daycare centers by vans after school for a transit because their parents were not able to pick them up from school due to work commitments.

That made him moved on to the next topic which was his friends' parents' occupation. After regaling me with half of his classmates' parents' occupation, I asked him, "What did you tell your friends about Daddy and Mummy?"

He said, he told everyone (rather proudly I might add) that Daddy is an Engineering Doctor while Mummy works at A*IA and P*roton. That answer made me went 'Huhh?'. I asked him why did he tell his friends that I worked at these organizations when he knows fully well that I've stopped working with them and that I am now a SAHM with a cake business on the side.

He just kept quiet. His plain and honest reply was "Friends Zareef punya Mummy yang lain semuanya kerja. Kalau Zareef cakap Mummy tak kerja, tak best la".

I was taken aback with his reply. "Zareef cakap tak kat your friends that Mummy bakes cakes? Tu pun kerja jugak" to which he nodded but not before adding "Kadang-kadang je".

That statement hit me hard right in the face. Now I've realized that my son secretly wishes that I work, just like other moms. He is in fact, quite ashame to admit to his friends that his Mummy doesn't work.

Truthfully, I'm quite shock that he feels that way. I would be lying if I were to say that it didn't hurt. Kids will be kids but you can count on them to be the most honest to goodness creatures on Earth and you can always rely on them for truths from the heart. Now I know how he feels.

Hmmmpphhh... this conversation took place over a month ago but it has always bothered me eversince. I'm so sorry you fell that way Zareef. I truly am...


KS said...

Oh akak, i'm sorry to hear that too.

Maybe zareef ingat it is a common thing untuk parents bekerja because itulah trend skang - both mummy and daddy bekerja.

Kalau boleh, i pon nak jadik sahm jugak! So akak, jgn sedeh2 ok?? Sooner or later, zareef mesti faham. :)

Along said...

Aisehman. I guess Zareef still kecik lagi nak paham. And wasn't he the miserable one when you DID work?
Takpe la Noresh, when you open up ur bakery shop, then Zareef can tell all his friends, his mom makes fantastic cakes.

doubleaye said...

He's a little too young to realise how lucky he is to have a SAHM. Grass is always greeer :P


ks: masa dengar dia cakap tuh, agak sebak la jugak but now i'm okay. he's just saying the truth of how he feels at the moment. redha je lah.

along: yes he was kan! thanks for cheering me up :D

zoow: he is and i know that. i love him despite everything that he's said.