Friday, May 21, 2010

Oh My Bladder!

The crappy thing of being pregnant, especially for me, is the inability to hold in my pee. It can be pretty tiresome!

I'd be running to the toilet just to empty my bladder. After several attempts in the space of 20 minutes, the peeing sensation is best left as... a sensation. Nothing comes out except for that tingling sensation that occasionally may cause me to cringe as it can be felt up to my teeth and to the tips of my fingers!

I've talked this over with my gynae and she said that as baby is growing bigger, its head, ticklish fine hair or some other parts of its body is pushing against my bladder, hence the tingling peeing sensation. Sensation is then translated into electric pulse that travels to my brain thus signaling my rapid escape to the toilet even if the bladder is empty.

I've tried ignoring the sensation because I've just emptied my bladder just 15 minutes before but lo and behold... I'd wet my pants just like a 2 year old. And trust me, it happens oh so often that when my kids see my pants soaking in the pail, they'd immediately go "Ohhhh... Mommy kencing dalam seluar! Tak malu!!!!". Yes people, strangling them at that particular moment can be so justifiable. Sheesshhh!

Don't even let me get started when I go out. I'd be dashing frantically to the nearest toilet every 30 minutes or so, leaving B and the kids far behind. It's amazing how a pregnant lady can make a 100m dash to the toilet if and when the need arises, eh?! So, if you happen to bump into me rushing madly, bulldozing into the crowd and ignoring your wave, I apologize beforehand. It's not that I'm not glad or happy to see you. I'm just trying my damnest not to wet my pants and saving you from embarrassment in the process.

I've resorted to wearing my panty liners and bringing loads of them in the bag. Plus an extra panty or two. You know... just in case... *looks down in shame*

Isskkkk... pasal kencing pun boleh jadi cerita ek?

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Along said...

Wooo...I know what you mean. I usually have to go to the toilet eveny 5 minutes, especially when dah masuk month 7-8-9. Sometimes its like 2 drops of pee. Seriously...tapi rasa dia macam sebaldi nak terkencing. Sabar je la.

dillazag said...

OMG. I so get that too..
Must be the age lah darling! hihihihi

Pinkwatch said...

oo dear.. saya pon dulu begitu.. saya tak pakai panty liner.. saya pakai pad terus.. kadang2 beli pad yg mmg khas utk org yg lose bladder control... mmg geram sangat rasa.. tp teori dr mmg betul.. keluar je baby, tu dia rambut dia tebal dan penuh.. no wonder mama dia dok asyik rasa nak terkencing aje!


along: kan!! betul la tu keluar setitik dua tapi rasa cam nak kuar sebaldi. tak sanggup rasanya nanti bila dah 9 bulan.

dilla: then we must practise the kegel exercise la. bagi kuat sikit sama otot2 tuh hehehhe...

pinkwatch: pad eh? i dok terpikir nanti bila dah 8 or 9 bulan nak pakai adult diapers je especially time nak tido malam hehehe...

KS said...

oowhh kesian akak! sabar ye kak.. tak lama jek lagi tu... lepas tu boleh mintak abang bard belikan hbag/gadget baru heheheh :P