Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Do you want to marry my Dad?

Wiheeee... no can do... my dad is happily married to my mom for ages now. It's just a show which I caught on five yesterday. It's a US reality show where a dad lets his four kids choose a wife for him out of 12 bevy beauties. Two of them were eliminated yesterday. One got eliminated when given a doggy bag containing a dessert of chocolate covered strawberries. A doggy bag! How insulting!! If it was me, I'd really give them a showdown. The other one was eliminated after a champagne mixer where the dad got to know each and everyone and choose two whom he didn't felt for. When the two ladies were called out, they were led to a garage where they were put on a lie detector and asked a few questions. The one caught telling a lie was eliminated. Phewww... what a way to get a new mom. But I would say that the dad was quite good looking in a Ben Kingsley (from the King and I) kind of way. And he drives a red Ferrari!!! with a huge mansion on the golf course... man... what a catch...

Later in the evening while performing iftar with B, we caught The Apprentice. The episode was a recap done by Donald Trump on the past 10 candidates vying for a presidential post in one of his companies. B got to catch on what's what and who's who and now he's hooked! Today will show the final six - Amy, Nick, Bill, Katrina, Kwame and Troy in action. I'm voting for Amy!! She's beautiful, smart, sassy, sharp and has all these amazing ideas for each project that she's led and won.

My plan to make Chicken Wrapped in Pandan Leaves (read previous post) did not materialized. Instead B asked if I could make sambal belacan and fry some ikan kering. Walllaaauuu!! Now the house reaks of ikan kering and I can't get rid of the smell coz it's too cold to open the windows. So every now and then, I keep on spraying air freshener till B says he gets a headache not from fasting but from the air freshener that I kept forcing on him and Zareef. Oh yeah, made a chocolate cheesecake as well coz I was craving for it.

Hmmm... Zareef is taking his afternoon nap. Might get a quick bath and think of what to eat for today's iftar. All this has made me realized how I miss home sooo much. During this time, my eyes would get bigger than my belly when I scout around for food at Bazaar Ramadhan in Bangsar. You see, before I came here, I worked in Bangsar and so would make a quick pit stop at this food mecca and buy my money's worth of food. It's like I become a food junky and every sight of food makes me salivate just like the dog in the Pavlovian theory. In fact, I spend more money on food during the month of Ramadhan than any other month. So, how is that possible when there are no devils around (they are chained and kept in hell for the whole duration of Ramadhan) to tempt or lure me? Must be the devil in me!

Was looking at some baby pictures with Zareef just now when I suddenly realized how much he has grown over the past two years. (His birthday was on 13/10). I showed him his baby pictures and he kept on saying 'Ni baby' and I would keep on saying 'No, this is Zareef'. At last he caught on and looked thrilled whenever I show him the pixs.

Opppsss... bangun dah anak mummy.. gotta go.. toodles!


mama farizal said...

Nora, u x penah balik Malaya for the past 3 years ke? Bila Bard habes his PhD?
Isk.. x de ke gambo Zareef? Upload la.. nak tengok :D

noresh said...

next year baru Bard habis PhD. so masa tu la baru nak balik. Malas nak balik2 nih... baik guna duit tu for vacation or shopping.

tengah belajar nak upload gambar dlm blog... sabar yekk