Sunday, October 17, 2004

Moi's First Attempt

My first attempt ever on blogging. It was all inspired after reading hundreds of blogs done by friends so have decided to pen down (or should I say key down?) my thoughts.

Currently my landlord is upgrading our heater in the living room. Yeah about time too!... It's getting pretty chilly now with the temperature scaling down to single digits. He's kind enough to change our front door and patio sliding to doors to double glazing which is a mighty relief coz I can actually feel the draught coming through both entries.

Today's the third day of Ramadhan. This will be my third time fasting and celebrating Eid Mubarak here. Not too shabby given that I only fast for about 10 hours and the weather is not as harsh as back home. The only thing is, I get pretty hungry by noon and my tummy is making all this rumbling noises. This reminded me of my days back at Purdue when I used to have my last class at 4.30. By then when the lecture hall was quiet and everyone was listening real hard to what the prof's saying and suddenly there would be 'brrrrr' sound and everyone would look around trying to find the culprit. In fact, if there were more than one of us (malays) in the class, it would a case of tummy rumbles one after another. I used to bring in a can of soda and choc bar with me to break fast. Around 5 ish, you can hear popping and fizzing sounds everywhere in the hall and munch here and munch there.

Am trying to figure out what to cook for break of fast today. Might try my hands on making Chicken Wrapped in Pandan Leaves. Had it yesterday at a friends house and it was scrumplicious!! Even Zareef loves it. Will see ya.

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