Thursday, July 28, 2005

A Beginning to an End - Part II

After 3 years, B has finally submitted his thesis. It's now lying on the HOD's desk waiting for him to sign the submission form. He can now breathe easy. Lately, I've even noticed that his face is a picture of serenity. Sometimes I even catch him expelling a sigh of relief.

Yes folks, it was a hard and long winded road to reach this stage of his Phd. It kicked of with the birth of Zareef followed by the unavoidable stress, strain, late nights, early weekend mornings, sacrificed weekends, complex and complicated codings, experiments mishaps, red tapes shebangs have now come to an end. Almost.

Almost because it's now the waiting game. Bidding his time waiting for the viva-voce.

I am truly proud of you, Aling!! I pray that all's well, ends well, InsyaAllah...

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