Wednesday, July 20, 2005

My Kid Says the Darndest Things

But he's only 2 years and 9 months old, for goodness sake!

Scene 1:

We were in the car ready to go to Sarah's birthday party. Zareef was strapped in his car seat at the back.

"Pakai seat belt la Daddy. Nanti mati!"

Huhhh?? Where did he get that from??? Must be too much of CSIs.

Scene 2:

I've switched off the bedroom lights and everyone is ready for bed and the little kiddo just jumped into our bed and pulled the duvet over him.

"Zareef, go and sleep in your katil please..."

"Mummy la tido katil Zareef. Katil Zareef best."

I would if I could but his bed is too short for my legs. So that night, all three of us crammed in one small double bed. Mind you, it was a very hot muggy night. Hmmmphhhh

Scene 3:

"Zareef, tolong tidy up your toys...!

"Mummy la tidy up toys Zareef. Zareef penat. Zareef nak rehat la"

And he immediately climbed on the sofa and lied down. Aduhhhssss... bertuah punye anak!!!
When I finally did tidy up his toys, he immediately came up to me and patted me on the back.

"Yeayyy... Mummy good girl!!"

Whattt??? Nih sudah terbalik...

Scene 4:

We were watching the telly one night and I asked B to pass me the remote. B threw it at me without giving any warnings.The remote landed on my tulang kering and I yelped out in pain.

"Kenapa Daddy baling remote kat Mummy!! Kan Mummy dah sakit!!!"

He then approached me and took my tulang kering and held it.

"Sakit ke Mummy? Zareef tiup okay?!"

Pfooohhhh.. he blewed.

My oh my this sweet child of mine!!!


mama farizal said...

Hehehe.. so cute dan smart! Bebudak zaman skrang, xleh expect what they will say/do. Part simpan brg, kita suroh dia simpan, buleh cakap "Mama impan!"

doubleaye said...

so CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

dillafahim said...

eheheheh.. bijok doh le ni zarif nie... la.. ingatkan zarif dah 3 tahun.. rupanya sebaya fahim cuma tahun aje berbeza ek....cute sungguh!!

fahim la nie demam nasyid.. pening weh.. CD original Raihan yg baru tu nak rosak dah sbb dok putar 10 juta kali lagu yg sama aje.. adoila.....

noresh said...

llah: tu la dia budak zaman skarang. kalau kita dulu, nak jawab balik punya la takut! silap2 kena piat telinga... or in my case, mak slalu cubit kaki.

zoow: yeah, he can be soooo cute when he deems it necessary. but at that particular moment, punya la aku hot ngan dia.

dilla: beli cd lagi satu la mama oiii... murah je.