Saturday, August 13, 2005

Cadbury World and Safari Park

This is another old post that I've postponed posting for so long. Ehhhh... it rhymes!! hehehhe...
So before Saturday comes (which is in 4 hours time), I'd better finish up this post.

We went to Cadbury World at Bournville, Birmingham last Saturday. Reached there at noon. Mak datukkk... punya la ramai manusia!!! People came by the bus loads. We queued to get our tickets but were baffled as to which line were we supposed to be in. Each line has the word 'reserved' on it. Since we were 'walk ins', we queued in the 'Non-reserved line'. Then B turned to me

"Eh Aling... look there"


"Up there la to that sign" and he pointed to me to one white signboard

"Alamak!!! 3.30 baru boleh masuk tengok kilang ke? Nak buat apa tunggu 3 jam ni??"

Yes people. If you ever decide to visit Cadbury World on a Saturday or make it any other day during the school holidays, PLEASE reserve your tickets by calling them or booking online. Kalau tak, kena macam kami. Tak jadi nak masuk kilang dia. Cancel terus. Instead, we went to the factory shop located opposite the ticket counter and bought loads and loads of chocolate at discounted price.

Kilang Cadbury yang tak lawa and agak ancient

Since we opted not to go for the factory tour and exhibition, we decided to let Zareef play at Cadbury Land (fancy name for a playground).

Excuse me, you're in my way...

New girlfriend ke Zareef?

I was quite disappointed since I was the one who badly wanted to visit Cadbury World coz chocolate is my passion. Then a friend called and asked if we wanted to go to the Midlands Safari Park in Kidderminster, Birmingham. B said, yeah... why not. It's not like we're going anywhere pun.

So, after navigating through endless jalan kampung, we reached the place. We were allowed to drive in our own car.

The rhinos who were about to tanduk us. They are sooooo huge in real life and up close!

Never ever go to a safari during a scorching hot summer's day. You'll die in the car if it doesn't have air-cond because you have to close all windows and sunroof when you enter the tiger's and lion's den.

An unexpected visitor, the llama. He was extra friendly to Zareef. hehehheh

We're going to Evesham, Birmingham (again!) tomorrow to do some apple, pear and plum picking. Will do a story and post pictures later ya. Have a good weekend, peeps!!

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