Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Minyak... Ohhhh Minyak!!

Oil prices are rising (what else is new??!!!).

Oil tanker drivers are on strike (they did this 5 years ago).

People get all riled up and started queuing to fill up their tanks (ingatkan kat M'sia je jadik camni).

B called and told me to fill up the tank when I was doing my groceries at Morrisons (but I didn't coz I saw that the lines were too long and jalan nak masuk Morrison dah jam sampai melimpah2. Decided to let B do the filling when he goes to work in the evening).

While doing my no. 2 in the loo, heard B pulling into the car park (eh???... awat balik? tempat keje tutup ke???)

"Apasal u tak isi minyak tadi??? Skarang sumer stesen minyak dah tutup"

"Haaa... tutup??!!! Why tutup???"

"Kan tengah ada strike and blockage skarang. Oil tanker drivers refused to drive to petrol stations. Sumer org gelabah pi isi minyak penuh2. Skarang stesen minyak pun dah tutup sebab minyak dah habis"

"Laaa.... patutla tadi panjang giler line kat Morrison tu. I ingatkan sebab kat situ je yg tengah murah, that's why they went there. Mana I nak tau stesen tu nak tutup!!!"

"Just pray that reserve oil tu cukup utk u pegi balik to work besok. Kalau tak, u jln kaki la..."

GULPPPP... and the tank light is flashing bright red!!!

ARGHHHHHH!!! stupid... stoopid... stewwwwwpitttttt!!!!

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