Wednesday, September 14, 2005

When My Son Goes to School Tomorrow...

Yuppp... Zareef is going to school tomorrow. I've just enrolled him in a playgroup at Gorse Covert's Community Center (next to Morrisons where I had the oil fiasco). He got the last spot. It's from 9.20-11.50 a.m.

When I got home, I held my hands out to him and shaked it.

"Congratulations Zareef! You're going to school tomorrow."

He was stunned and rendered speechless but his face said it all. Totally priceless. Then he started jumping up and down.

"Yeahhhh!!! Zareef nak go to school with Sarah and Yana (his two best buds)!! Daddy, Daddy... Zareef nak go to school with Sarah and Yana!!!"

Bless him, my son. Even going to school makes him so, so, so happy. I'm ecstatic that he's happy.

He is sooooo excited about going to school because all of his friends are in school when he's not (thanks to Luqman of Bogo's and Fern's because he set a fine example on sleeping early, in his room on his own bed and going to school). He kept on asking us when can he go to school. Because we did sent him to nursery last year (refer to previous post) and had a dreadful experience, we didn't want to rush it this time. But, since he is all ready and prepped up and nagged us about it, we think it is the right time.

It doesn't matter that I have to fork out £100 every 4 weeks to pay for his playgroup (the academic year here starts 1st Sept. Zareef was borned after 1st Sept, so he is not eligible for the funded sessions. His free sessions start after Christmas) but if he enjoys going, learning, playing and socializing, then I'm all for it. Duit kat mana2 boleh carik but Zareef's happiness and wellbeing is priceless and is all that I care about.

He is already asleep now and has been sleeping since 6 this evening. Hihihihi... I told him that he has to sleep early if he wants to go to school tomorrow and he totally bought it!! That's why I can blog right now.

B is taking him tomorrow and I'll come along after I finish working. Good Luck Aling in handling Zareef on his first day at school!!!! Hahahhaha... you'll need it!


kaezrin said...

dah besar dah zareef

and bagusnyer dier nak gi sekolah...

Along said...

heheh...congrats Zareef. Dah besar dah, boleh pergi school. Nanti balik from school, boleh ajar kawan2 yg lain ABC, 123.

noresh said...

elin: wuhuuu... sungguh mengiurkan kek tu. is that sr's choc banana cake???

alhamdulillah dia yg beria2 nak. everyday dok tanya bila nak go to school.

along: memang dia dah besar long. hari tu gi legoland, dia naik train ride sorang2. tak nak naik ngan either one of us. yg ni sekolah main2 je. literally main2 dari datang sampai la balik. ada la art session, singing, story telling etc. but mainly memang main je manjang.

nong@kween said...

Hehehe, dah nama pun Playschool nora.