Monday, January 16, 2006

The TOUGHEST Decision Ever!

I have made some hard and tough decisions in my life but all are pale in comparison to this particular one.

Like the time I decided to switch from A-Levels to doing an American degree thus breaching a scholarship agreement. That was a no brainer. I had the time of my life in the states and managed to score an engineering degree from a top university with a CGPA that I'm very proud of (goshhh... I'm sounding rather vain here, aren't I?)

Then there was this one time when I decided to call it quits at my company where I had to serve 10 years because I put family first before my employer by following B to the UK. That was a hell to pay but Alhamdulillah, I persevered and so did my family.

Now... this is the damnedest of them all. Even B can't decide. We've slept, ate, drove, walked, scoured and prayed on it only to be still stumped by it.

I have to make a decision by 1 pm today or else, it'll be gone. Someone else will eventually get it. It's all about the future roof that we're going to put on our heads. It's no joke man! Buying a property that is.

When we got back 5 weeks ago, we've scouted and turned every single new housing development within 20 miles radius of UPM upside down starting from day 4. Us, being the fussy ones, will always find fault with the development i.e. it's near a power line, near a landfill, near the pasar borong, next to the main road and so on. Until we've seen one particular housing estate, there were very few that met our unforgiving requirements. But now, we have two! Tu yang makan tak kenyang, mandi basah sikit2 je and tidur tak lena (this one literally happened to me because when I woke up yesterday morning, I had a really throbbing headache just dreaming about the two houses).

Unable to decide for ourselves, I dragged my parents to see the two houses yesterday to show them the confusion that has boiled up and the state of predicament that we're in.

-Freehold, 22 x 75, 4 bed 3 bath, odd end lot with 8 ft of extra land at the side and huge space at the back of the house courtesy of Majlis Daerah Sepang where we can convert it to our own open backyard if we want to, open space plan, on a bukit, lots of parking space for guests if we ever hold a kenduri or open house, a safety bumper right outside the gate so I know for sure that cars will be slowing down, requires lots of time, energy and money on renovation and beautifying the extra land.

-Leasehold, 20 x 100, 4 bed 3 bath, intermediate with only 5 feet at the back and a seciput garden up front, very open space plan to which I have to use my innovative and creative mind to create depth in the house, gated community, well designed gardens and good future plans of facilities and infrastructure, 24 hrs security which I have to pay RM 80 every month, not much of a parking space for visitors, it's situated near a cul-de-sac which is good as I don't have to worry about cars ramming through at high speed, no renovation required on the outside and just a seciput garden to maintain.

Huarrghhhh... now I really feel totally and utterly confused. I love house 1 because of the extra land and it's a freehold. Period. But I also love house 2 because the built-up area is 2800 sq ft. The living and dining is so huge that Zareef can cruise in his Peg-Perego without any obstruction plus I just love that the master bedroom is humongous but the downside of it is it's a leasehold. Price wise, house 2 is cheaper by 3k which doesn't contribute to the decision-making factor.

Arghhhh... decision, decision,decision. Please God... give me a sign. Any sign to make it easier for me to decide.


It's 4.25 pm now. A decision has been made about the house that we'll be purchasing and call it Home. I would like to thank Nong, Lara and Along profusely for providing me with valuable insights, point of views, input and key questions that has made this decision possible (on my part as I couldn't decide which house to go with in the first place).

B and I have decided to go with House 1. Phewwww... I'm so glad that this is soooo over. No more heavy clouds over my head. B is at the sales office now paying the booking fees of 3k. Then, we'll have to come up with the downpayment in 30 days time. Gulp!!

The CF for our Home will be out by end of this month. So, maybe just maybe, we'll be able to move in by March (wishful thinking, Nora!). So now, I would have to save every single sen for the Home. And I mean it! No more shopping sprees (Oh help me God!!), eating out lavishly, spur of the moment purchases. Nothing! Nada! Zilch!

So B, congratulations on our newest purchase. May we live long, happy and prosperous in our new Home.


kaezrin said...

congrates for the house purchase...alahai..tot jd neighbour nanti...ahaks..but but again..congrates

doubleaye said...

dei...area ceruk rantau mana la the house now?

MARCH!? that's like 2 months down the road. Suka la tu nanti buat house warming time aku takde.

Your house will not be warm w/out me gracing the occasion ha ha *statement org dengki*

noresh said...

elin: still neighbor la but not setaman. neighbor satu jalan je... hehehhe

zoow: oiii!!! tak baik hasad dengki tau! nevermind... will post lots and lots of pixs just to turn you into the green monster hahahha!!!

anyway, how's the relax working atmosphere fitting u? hahahhah culture shock ko jadinye!!

noresh said...

zoow, lupa nak add, it's just down the road of our initial target place. tak la ceruk sgt. nong punya tempat lagi ceruk tau!

Along said...

since rumah ko dekat je ngan rumah aku, aku akan serbu selalu mai makan!!!! Hahahahaha...bile time malas masak je, aku serbu rumah ko. :D.

doubleaye said...

tu la pasal nora..pening aku tetiap hari balik awal. tambahan pulak now my assignment dah kena postponed to another month..client tak ready untuk diaudit.

semlm aku saje round2 naik bus..asyik naik tube je tak nampak the tourist ok..sibuk pandang kiri-kanan...

noresh said...

along: bulehhhh... tu takde masalah. pastu, bila2 aku nak pi dating, aku dump zareef with your two girls ya! that small fella loves to be surrounded by adoring fans.. hahhahhaha...

zoow: hahhaha... did u bring your camera with you? cam tu baru la boleh kena label jadik tourist. like japanese tourist gitu...

doubleaye said...

masa tu tak bawak camera sbb aku teman kawan aku gi flat hunting so masa balik ingat nak ambik bus to the nearest tube station..skali we noticed bus tu lalu leicester hapa lagi..duk dlm bus til zone 1 la...