Friday, February 23, 2007


Two Tuesdays ago, we went to Guoman for a one night stay. B had work to do and asked if I wanted to tag along. I said, yeah why not. Sun, sea, sand and sex... sape tak nak kan... hehehe...

It was Zara's first mini holiday and I wasn't too sure how she would react to it. I packed our stuffs and by noon we were off to PD. When we checked into our room, Zareef made a thorough tour of the room and gave his seal of approval, the two thumbs up (Zareef really, really loves staying at hotels) although I wasn't that satisfied with the room. The room decor was mighty ancient, there were no tub to chill in, air-cond wasn't working well (we were all sweating in the room that night. nasib baik ada kipas), channel selection wasn't impressive at all and the house-keeping service let me down (I requested for a shower gel TWICE but it never turned up!). However, the view from our floor managed to compensate for all the shortcomings that I had to endure.

Zareef was itching to jump into the pool and hit the beach. B was already gone for his workshop thingy. I was left alone to take care of the two kids. Hmmm... So I told Zareef not to wander too far from me. Just stick to playing the sand and the water's edge while I stayed with Zara who was firmly strapped to her Maclaren. Zareef was fine with that and so he ventured out on his own under my watchful eagle eyes.

I managed to snap the sunset. It took a lot of fiddling on my new cybershot but it was well worth it. Zareef, Zara and I just sat there and waited for the sun to set. Lovely, lovely sight. I just wished someone was there to capture a picture of the three of us with that beautiful view as a background. There wasn't a single soul to be found. We had the beach all to ourselves. Pretty wonderful and peaceful, I could just have stayed there forever.

The next morning, we woke up early (I really didn't get much sleep actually) so that B could spend some time with us especially since his son who was begging him to go swimming with him. Luckily enough, Zara managed to doze off. Maybe it was the cool sea breeze that did it but I was thankful because that means I could jump into the pool to take a dip.

It felt great to be able to swim again. I managed a few laps that was until Zareef decided to tail me and play a game of tag with me in the pool.

After what must have been ages, we finally went up to our room. I washed Zareef and Zara up, packed our things, ate sandwiches, fed Zara and Zareef and finally I could hit the shower. I reminded Zareef profusely to come and get me if Zara cried. This was what greeted me when I got out...

My two angels sleeping together. This is what I call, heaven on earth. It doesn't matter where I am, if my angels are with me, that is as close as heaven that I can get.

By the by, if anyone is interested in staying at Guoman and you're paying, then it'll set you back at RM440 per night. But I would say, it's not worth it with the kind of room that they have. However, if someone else is paying, then by all means, go. The pool and the beach made up for what the room lacked, as in our case that is.


doubleaye said...

Agreed, been there, room not so great and food sucks!! But in my case, the company was great so I had fun despite the above. But like you said, I won't go there again.

halwafy said...

You have been tagged. Go to my blog to read the rules of the game.

TheOtherAJ said...

i would've stayed at pd tiara beach resort, kids love the place. basic room and F&B, but at the right price. but in your case, takleh la kan your husband ada workshop at guoman.