Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Zara's Story

This is the story of Zara's birth. If it bores your eyes out, blame it on Along. She made a request for it.

3 days before Zara was borned, I had already felt wave of contractions come and go but they were so unpredictable that I said to myself, maybe it's just the braxton hicks making themself more prominent than ever.

Come the third day i.e. Thursday, Nov 9th, I couldn't stand it anymore. I woke B up and told him lets just go to the hospital because a) I'm worried that baby is not moving and b) contractions are getting to be unbearable albeit irregular. After solat and breakfast, I kissed Zareef goodbye (he was sleeping soundly and looking very angel-like), memorizing his face so that if anything happens to me, I'll be able to carry his memory with me. Yeah, very dramatic. I blame it on the hormones. In the car, while B was driving, I even minta maaf and minta halal makan minum. Pastu, ada ke B gelakkan. Cehhh... he assured me that everything was going to be fine and he'll be with me all the way.

We reached UKM's O&G emergency at 9 am. The attending doctor did a check on my progress and said that I was dilated at 3 cm but waterbag is still intact. So, to excite things, she went ahead and burst my waterbag. Oh my... the feeling of warm water gushing between my thighs was oh so uncomfortable. That was when the real pain began.

I was given a gown to change into. I couldn't walk so I had to be wheeled to the delivery room. A midwife shoved a pill literally up my ass so that I could do the no. 2. Lo and behold, 3 seconds later I was practically running to the loo. That pill certainly did a good job and I would very well recommend it to anyone who's constipated out there.

Back in the delivery room, the same midwife strapped my bulging belly with the baby's monitor. Terus boleh dengar heartbeat Zara. Very loud and clear. I was so relieved that baby was okay.

Half-an-hour later, the anaesthetist walked in and asked me "Nak epidural ke?" and I went "Nakkkkk....". Yeah... I'm a junky when it comes to combating pain. I have a near-zero tolerance for pain especially when it comes to giving birth. I had epidural with Zareef and I wouldn't miss it for the world with Zara. Another half-an-hour and I still felt the pain. What the heck?? Consultant ni bagi aku placebo ke? I cried and asked B to go hunt for the drug doc. He came "Still rasa sakit ke?" I could only reply with a nod. "Selalunya org lain dah okay with this dose. Looks like I have to top up your dose". And so he did. But still nothing magical happened. I was beginning to bawl (I know.. I'm such a baby). B went chasing after the drug doc again. He came in "You boleh rasa sakit lagi ke? (Dia buat muka disbelief). I think I'll have to change you to a stronger epi". After doing so, baru la rasa comfortable. Now, I can smile. See... I told you my pain tolerance is very low.

At 11 am, my gynae walked in. The first thing that she said was "Eh... dah on epi ke?". I replied "Nak buat camna... I'm a drug junky". She checked on me and said I was still at 3cm. After much deliberation, she decided to induce me as not to prolong my labor due to my history with Zareef which was 30 hours. Both B and I immediately agreed with her. Again, more drugs cruised in my bloodstream. Thank God for the epi!! I was told not to eat but after everyone went out, naughty B snucked in a bar of chocolate and a choc drink. I ate and drank because I was famished. Tapi bila midwife masuk je, B cepat2 sembunyikan the forbidden stuffs. Hehehhe... we were like two naughty kids.

At 3.58 pm, I was ready to push. I felt the greatest sensation to poo. The midwife went running to find my gynae who was with another patient which happened to be giving birth at the same time. My gynae had to run between the two of us, weaving in and out of the delivery rooms.

7 hours later, at 4.01 pm, after a very big push, my little princess emerged, all pink and covered with goo. It took her a few seconds to cry. I cried and cried too. My emotions were running amok but if felt good.

After 4 years, it was an experience of a lifetime. I thought I would have forgotten how it felt, how to breathe and how to push but everything came to me naturally and fell into the right places at the right time. I had doubts about looking after Zara after a long hiatus with Zareef but they were all unfounded. I seemed to remember how to do everything. Even B was a natural. So, no worries in that department.

Zara is 3 months old now. She's getting chubbier, bubblier and quite talkative with each passing day. She has even rolled over now but for the life of her, can't roll back. Zareef has taken the role of a dutiful brother to see to it that his sister doesn't suffocate herself by rolling her so that she can lie on her back. He has become the responsible and loving brother. No sibling rivalry whatsoever.

I'm so thankful that B was with me throughout the whole journey. I wouldn't know what to do if B wasn't at my side. He was my pillar of strength, my sea of calm and my source of food... hehehhe.. But seriously, I don't think I can do it without B's help. For the life of me, I simply cannot imagine women out there who give birth everyday without their husband by their side. I salute them for their inner strength, courage and bravery.

I know I've said it but I can't say it enough. Thank you darling... thank you, thank you, thank you.


dillazag said...

So sweet.. :)

I tengah cuti gak ni.. Maybe production start balik next year.. :)

Kisses for Zara, babe..

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