Wednesday, April 04, 2007

A Special Delivery

Last week, I had a call from Sal, enquiring about a special request. It resulted in one large carrot cake but here's the special request part; to include several helium-filled balloons to go with the cake and delivered to hubby, Roslee at his workplace and... to keep it as a surprise. How about that?!

Okay, considering that I got the order in less than a-24-hours notice, my only worry at that time was where in the world can I get helium-filled balloons and it has to be surprise worthy to boot! A quick search on Google and I found a shop in PJ that stocks up on balloons from all the corners of the earth.

I quickly called B and urged him to get home early that evening to take care of the kids while I went for a balloon hunt. We all ended up going to the shop (sebab Zareef nak ikut tengok balloon shop). It's no joke man hunting for that shop during the peak hours of the evening jam. But, we made it.

The large carrot cake for Roslee.

It was adorned with simple decorations. Suitable for a guy to have it with his officemates.

Zareef simply loved the balloons. He has expressed that he wants 100 hundred of these balloons on his birthday this October.

Sal specifically asked for balloons that would draw attention to her guy since he is really shy and all. I hope that these balloons worked in doing so!

The birthday boy with his surprised cake and balloons but he remained cool and collected. If it were me, I would be jumping about like monyet kena cili.. hehhehe... He was very much surprised, I can say that much but still sporting enough to pose one for the camera.

When he walked in, I could hear the receptionist at the counter saying... "Wah... banyaknya balloons!! Birthday ke??" Yupp... the plan to draw attention to this shy guy worked! Yeay!!

So... happy birthday Roslee! I hope you had a great time with your lovely wife and here's to many more wonderful birthdays in years to come!

ps: Sal... next year nak buat surprise apa pulak?


halwafy said...

Cake looks real goood...

Amy said...

Bestnya dapat surprise macam tu. Macam laki aku la kak, shy-shy cat. Dapat camni baru kena dgn dia ahahha tapi jauh le kat Klang..I'll think about it, but definitely a good idea. I like!


halwafy: thanx! it took me several hours to complete the deco. me being the perfectionist, kept wiping it off and redoing it again and again. sakit belakang aku dok terbongkok2 atas kek tu..

amy:memang best kan! kalau aku dpt camni, memang dah bawak berjalan satu ofis... hehehe... kes menunjuk la nih. tapi mamat ni sempoi je.

if u want, bagitau je la ye. klang tu no problem pasal aku slalu berulang klang. parents aku kan kat klang.

Wawa said...

kenapalah tak terpike nak suprise macam ni kan?


my husband would be very happy to get such suprise.

kena pulak dia jenis suka menunjuk2.


wawa: so boleh la buat to your husband kan. i'm pretty sure he'll be very, very happy. mestila dia nak menunjuk... nak tunjuk 2 everyone that his wife loves him very much.

too bad you're in malacca. kalau dak, boleh saya tolong surprisekan.

zeedayazid said...

aku akan buat surprise mcm ni kat jimmy on his bday in october, ok kak! so u be prepared la ek. drpd aku bayor florist, baik aku bayor kau. dulu ada sekali hantor bunga kat opis dia, he loved it.

berapa caj utk belon & delivery to kl jln tun razak? :)


no problem zied! just remind me when the time comes kay. coincidentally, zareef's b'day is also in october.

ya betul! baik la ko bayar aku kan. spread the wealth, dear!

nanti i'll email or sms you the charges ya. sayang ko!

FloweRinTheDesert said...

helo, u bought the balloons at balloon bouquets ke? nice surprise indeed! :D


flowerinthedesert: yes. their shop penuh dgn party supplies. u name it, they have it. my son siap dah booking what he wants for his b'day.