Monday, September 24, 2007

Cakes Galore - Part 4

Please go to Baking With Passion for a feast of cakes that I've done for the past 2.5 months. The long silence was very much due to us being bogged down with virus attacks. We each fell ill at least 3 times with temperature soaring to 40c. The finale of our sick fest was with B being admitted into Sunway Medical for denggi.

Anyhoo, orders for cakes for Ramadhan and Syawal are now open (actually they are open all year round). Last day for pickup is 11/10/07. So please browse my Baking With Passion for cake selections ya!


MDR said...

Hi Noresh :-)

Was wondering why u hadn't updated in a long time...glad to see ur still baking! that last cake there looks hella goooood :-D

-mami aqila- *wink*


hey mdr!

i know... i've abandoned this domain for so long. but now i'm backkkkk

ehhh... u gatal la pi lock your blog. now i cannot see aqila's cute face.

doubleaye said...

Darling, when are you going to update? Miss reading your writing!! Update la!

Suliati said...

Hi Noresh,

Its Sue (Suliati Ahmad Jasmi), your former SSP colleague, if u remember lah.. :) Came across your blog when I visited Osman's website. Wahh.. really impressed with your baking skill! Do contact me or . Feel free to visit my website