Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Happy 2008!

2007 has passed in a blink of an eye. Yupp! That fast. One thing for sure, I've been slacking in updating this blog of mine like Zoow has loudly pointed out. My bad. Blame it on by rather erratic baking schedule, impromptu holidays, trying to be supermom, writer's block and laziness all rolled into one.

This year however, I've promised myself as well as Zoow, that I'll be blogging more. Yes, you heard me right. At least once a week. So Zoow, you can stop complaining ya and if I start slacking again, then, shoot me!

Lets see what I've achieved in the year 2007:

1. Started my baking business with a few hiccups along the way. But now, praise to Allah, my small home business has grown in leaps and bounds. My deepest gratitude to my fellow customers for your strong encouragement, kind praises and constructive criticism. I thank you with all my heart.

2. Became a homemaker 100%. I did try with a maid but it only lasted for 6 days. It wasn't me, it was her. She didn't want to look after Zara who was then only 5 months old. Upon hearing that, I sent her packing. In her case, it was beggars CAN afford to be choosers.

3. Made more friends. My new neighborhood is not so bad after all. My neighbors now know me as Nora who bakes. They've even requested for a baking class! Oh my! I am soooo not prepared to teach other people to bake or decorating even. But I am generous with my recipes and tips so just give me a holler if you need one ya.

4. Perfected my multi-tasking skill. Oh yes! Being a SAHM is seriously no joke. It sometimes drives me up the wall and it can sometimes turn pretty ugly (just ask Zareef, he can testify to that) but I try to take it all in a stride. What I usually do is to plan ahead. I would have three to four plans running around my small head, thinking aloud in my mind; I'll do this first then that and while I'm doing that I'll prepare for tomorrow's thing. My mind would be swirling with all these thoughts that sometimes, it is hard for me to go to sleep at night. I would still be lying awake on the bed with B snoring happily (yang tu pun kept me awake jugak) so much so that I have to get up and jot down my thoughts just to clear my ever shrinking head. How's that?

5. Patience is virtue. I'm slowly learning to be more patient. I keep on reminding myself that sabar itu separuh daripada iman. Patient with myself, with B, with Zareef, with Zara, on the road (I get annoyed easily with people who hog the fast lane when they are driving at 60 km/h). I try to control my temper, my annoyance, my pettiness and my penchant for all fine things.

I have too many aspirations for 2008 that if I were to list them down, would well cut into 3 pages buat the main ones are:

1. To be a better Muslim i.e. watch my prayers more carefully. I have the tendency to roll 2 prayers into 1 like praying a late Zuhur and an early Asar and Maghrib with Isyak. Very bad! So I'm trying not to do anymore.

2. Be more patient with B and the kids. No sulking and tarik muka masam when B has to come home late or work during the weekends and to stop being a momzilla to Zareef and Zara. Achievable? I truly hope so.

3. Stand by my man and support him 200%. Who says being a lecturer is just about teaching students? Hell no! On top of his lecturing job, B has to play his role as an HOD and attend (useless) meetings all day long, look after students enrolled in his department, do research, do networking, answer to higher authorities, attend seminars and conferences and take care of his fellow lecturers' welfare. Sometimes, it gets so bad that he leaves before the sun is up (and so do we) and comes back when we've slept. So yes, I'm trying very hard not to grumble, complain or moan on his workload.

4. Do charity. I've always wanted to do more charitable things but having a baby, moving to a new house and 1001 other things have prevented me from doing so. Now that Zara is 14 months old and can be carted away to my parents or the daycare, I plan to donate my time to an orphanage home near my house. I want to help them with their school work, give away my books to them and donate Zareef's bountiful toys.

5. Concentrate on my small but thriving baking business. Might try to come up with some baking modules due to several requests of a baking class. Alamak! Boleh ke ni?

So there. My aspirations for 2008. I pray that Allah will help me to achieve some if not all. Aminnnn


nong@kween said...

I'd like to be part of yr charity plan. Call me when u need a helping hand.


Will do. Have lots of plan that I've been thinking of doing with these kids. Hafta sort them (plans) out first.

Thanks for the offer.

mummychomel said...

Nora, the orphanage that you're talking about also has the boys counterpart in Kg Aman puchong kan?

Do you know if they accept clothes for donations? I'm game too, since its nearby.. let me know also if there's anything I can do to help.



yes dear. i'll surely let u know kay. thanx for offering your help.