Friday, March 14, 2008

It's Back to Work

On the weekend that B was in Rome (lama dah citer nih), I woke up at an ungodly hour to go for a walk-in interview. I left my babies at my parents' and and reached the place nice, early and foggy. Registered myself and while doing this, I did a quick scan and immediately felt ancient because all the IC numbers belonging to peeps before me started with an 8 while I was the only one which started with a 7.

I wanted to turn back thinking why in the world was I doing this. After a few seconds, the thought felt so tempting that I did make a turn but it was only a half-turn. The other half somehow forced me to march forward.

I was asked to complete an IQ test. WHATTT??? I think the last time I did an IQ test was for a Renong scholarship which took a whole wasted Saturday. 34 questions in 40 minutes. Each question had nine pictures followed by a choice of nine answers. By question no. 28, my brain was damn exhausted. I didn't feel like finishing them up but I persevered. I left out two questions which I didn't even bother to look at.

I was so glad when the invigilator said "Masa tamat". Phewww... lega! I was told to wait for the result. If I pass the test, then only will I be called in for a interview. My brain was so drained that my tummy did a rumble and double flip. Yes, I always get that whenever I finished doing an exam. I'll be so famish that everything looks good in my enough to eat even if they weren't.

Habis je makan, invigilator called up my name. Wahhhh... I passed the IQ test. Now, it's crunch time! Interview went well, I dare say but I wasn't really hoping for the job. The main reason I went for the quite tough interview was to test my marketability and polish my interviewing skills and these two I managed to accomplish.

Two months pass without any word from them and I too almost forgot about them until I got a phone call two days ago. They are offering me a job with my stipulated salary and MORE! They wanted me to report as soon as possible but had to say no - the kids come first and I have to sort their logistics etc. After the phone call, I was in a daze. It felt so surreal that I had to seat myself and just stare at the wall contemplating everything for a good 20 minutes. Sampai Zareef pun risau.

I'm starting on April Fool and having a 10-day-break shortly after (which I also requested and was immediately approved. Mesti depa cakap banyak betul songel minah but she's good so bagi saje la hehhehe) for my trip to the land of the rising sun.

I am still in disbelief over my rezeki in getting a job. I can only thank Allah for that. I thought I was a rusty engineer whom no one would want to hire given that there are many young guns who have all the required knowledge and certs to go with it. Apparently not la kot.

All I can say is, Syukur Alhamdulillah...

Now tambah lagi satu pening. The kids. HOW??


doubleaye said...

Congratulations! Welcome [back] to the corporate world.

ms ngantuk said...

congratulations! i'm sure you'll be able to sort out the kids.
now nk start keje blk, no more cake-baking ke?

MDR said...

hey that's great news..alhamdulillah! hope u'll get everything sorted out, and things will run smoothly for ya
congrats! :-D

Amy said...

Congrats! Eh takde ke nursery yg dekat2 dgn area rumah tu?
Selamat bekerja!

K said...

congrats akak! so ni la new commitment tu yer?? pasni susah nak merasa brownies + cakes akak yg sedap2 tu :P

aniway, slamat bekerja.. sure pasni koleksi hbags akak makin bertambah hehehehe

btw, keja kat ne ek if i may ask?


dear ladies,

thank you for your kind wishes and encouragement. i really, really appreciate them and they are certainly a boost for my me.

doubleaye: i'm very nervous about re-entering the corporate world. any pointers fm you, oh season corporate figure?

kay: i still bake as it's my passion but now orders dah kena limit to saturdays only. so, if you plan to order, do book in advance ye to avoid disappointment.

mdr: i'm sure there'll be hiccups along the way but hopefully not major ones.

amy: ada nursery and i plan to send zara there. zareef pulak will stay at his kinder sampai petang. kesian kat dia sebab dah biasa lepas skool balik rumah and terus rest, boleh tgk tv and main game n toys bagai. but now dah tak boleh. zara kurang sket concern coz dia dah biasa pegi nursery.

k: ohhh... still boleh rasa tapi dgn syarat kena booking awal2 la and i'm only open for saturdays. bags collection? of course! why do you think i'm working then?? heheheh... i'll be working for the national car company.

Larawannabe said...

nora dar-link, congrats!! so the time when we meet up nanti, you'll be 'one of us' super-working-mom. welcome to the club. lol.

Along said...

Noresh, what's with the change back to the rat race? I thot you were free of that?

Not that I'm doubting that you'll do well, but I've been jealous of your SAHM status. Here I am, wshing I could take a leap like you and there you are taking the leap to be where I am. Hehehehe...the grass is always greener on the other side, right?

Anyhow, congrats gf. I guess this either means a full time maid or nursery for the kids. You know which one I would root for. Need someone to talk to, give me a buzz.


lara: thanx dear! oh, i so can't wait to be deliciously served on our next outing.

along: hmmm... i guess, i wanted a change of scenery. that's all i can say. plus i'm not bonded, so i can just pack up and leave anytime i want and always fall back on my previous job, the mommy job.

K said...

hi kak,

ni syed kepochi suh tanya.. national car yg mana satu? :P

dillazag said...

noresh dearest, congrats babe. i know you will do well.. :)

*ps, aku telahpun terracun oleh wristlet coach mu dan telah mendapatkan sebijik* kui kui kui


k: hahahha... ingatkan pompuanje yg slalu kepochi. org laki pun ada gak ye. nasib baik syed yg tanya. it's the first one.

dillz: thanx dear! really need the vote of confidence not that i'm lacking in them.

hahahha... told you it's so useful. senang dibawa ke mana2. which one did u get? sila update blog and tunjuk wristlet mu itu ye!

mummychomel said...


Congrats on landing the job! huhu but err, does that mean you won't be able to bake for me and my last minute requests nanti?

Anyways, welcome back to the corporate world.. huhu can't say its all nice and rosy, here I am wishing I was a SAHM..

See you soon!

reenazack said...

k. Noresh,
i just found out from jj that u'll be working near her place.. which translate as "if i order anything form ur oven, i can always ask jj to pick it up from u n ask her bro in law to bring it to me since we are in the same office..." wohoooo!!!! cheras to puchong tu jauh sangat la nak pick up.. hehehehe.. i loikeee... please continue baking..i just had a taste of ur cakes at jj's house and it is super delicious..



MC: thanx babe! it means a lot to me. of course i can bake for you but PLEASEEEEE no last minute orders ya. working + baking + no maid = unimaginable chaos. 2 weeks in advance would suffice but if i'm in a good mood, then maybe i'll squeeze you in hehhehe...

so yeah... see you soon ya! can't wait!!

aje: huhuhu!!! you totally made my day!! cheras-puchong where got jauh. ikut highway maa... tol pun takde. anyway, i'm just counting the number of days from the day i bake to the day that u get the cakes, what with the many change of hands going.

let's see... 1 day for me to bake. next day baru pass kat jj. jj goes home baru pass kat her bil. the next day baru pass kat u. 3 days man! larat ke nak tunggu?

don't worry, baking is my passion. i'll continue for as long as i live and ada kudrat nak membuatnya, InsyaAllah...

funnybunny said...

- speechless - !

congrats nonetheless n i have absolutely no doubt of your talents and positive attributes !