Friday, February 29, 2008

Leap Day

I have to write something today for it'll only come once in every four years. Babies borned today sure are special but confused at the same time, I guess. How would you answer your child's question regarding his/her birthday that only occurs once every four years? You know how kids are when they start asking questions, don't you?

Like just now, after picking up Zareef from school, we headed to PP to buy some groceries. Along the way, there were banners and flags everywhere. Zareef being his normal inquisitive self, started asking questions on why are there so many flags and banners around. Me being the no-nonsense, straight to the point mom, said that it's election time. "What's election, Mummy?", he asked. Oh tidak. Start dah sesi soal jawab.

However, I decided to just dive in and answer his questions straight, honest and put it in a 6-year old layman's term. Told him that election is when everyone who stays in Malaysia can vote for their leader.

"Macam tu, nanti bila Zareef dah besar, Zareef nak jadi leader la. Boleh tak, Mummy?"

"Boleh... As long as you become a good and beriman leader, then by all means, be one."

That put a smile on his face. I wondered what sort of ideas were running in that little head of his. Good ones, I hope.


MDR said...

wow! Zareef the aspiring politician :-D

Happy Leap Year Day..hehe


aspring politician? nope, all hopes dashed coz later when i asked him again, he said he wants to be a leader like optimus prime is to the autobots. hahahhha...

Mama Farizal said...

Hahahahah.. lebey kurang la budak2 ni. Now nie, si Farizal nak jadik Ultraman!