Thursday, November 27, 2008

My Ass Is Itching

Or if you'd prefer to translate it into BM "Bontot aku gatal" :)

Why is it itchy? Or what am I itching for?

I'm itching to get away. I'm itching for cold weather, bleak grey skies, short daytimes and sub-zero temperatures.

In short, I'm missing Lboro A LOT!

And it does not help that I've been going through my old posts a few years back and reminiscing every single event that happened while I was there.

Truth be told, I'm wishing we are there instead of here.

Ye, aku jenis orang yang prefer hujan emas di negeri orang. Camno?


Aja said...

Nora..kakja pun sama la..ingatkan kakja sorang je yg missing Lboro so muchhh!!! Was life over there much better than here? whatever the reason is..I wish we are there this moment..rasa cam nak singgah Roundhill Way jap...:))


kak ja... kita serupa. masa bulan puasa lepas, slalu dok reminisced kita buka pose beramai2. seronok kan!

then lately, zareef yg ajak balik lboro coz it's nearing xmas. agaknya dia seronok masa kat playgroup dulu coz he gets to attend xmas party and dpt gifts.

so, looks like bukan kita je la kak ja. the kids also feel it.