Friday, November 21, 2008

What The Fish??

I've been trying to upload Zareef's and Zara's aqiqah and birthday pictures to Facebook as well as here but all have been in vain. It gets so frustrating especially when I've uploaded 60 pictures but after waiting for 20 minutes, the message that I got was "Upload Failed". Huahhh!!! Menangis okay!!!

Not once, not twice but numerous times till I've lost count. Tiba2 baru teringat, the photographer used a DSLR which has a 10 MP. Alahhh.. kena resize la pulak. Malas betul aku!

Anyway, I'll save a post on that joyful event for another day. Right now, I'm not in the mood to do the tedious job of resizing all 382 pictures.

On another note, I don't know whether to put it as 'Cuti-Cuti Malaysia' or 'Penat Ikut Suami Bekerja'. I think I'll put it as both.

We just got back from Melaka after a 3D2N stay at Bayview Hotel. So while B worked, I spent time at the pool with Zareef and Zara when it wasn't raining. And no, I didn't get to stuff my face with delicious seafood at Serkam. Tak sempat. However, we did manage to go up the Menara Taming Sari and get a bird's eye view of Bandar Melaka, drive through Jonker Street like seven or eight times (sesat punya pasal plus the town has a one-way system) which was more than I bargained for and ate asam pedas yang sedap menjilat jari hehhehe!

I've just finished washing and hanging our clothes that we brought back, managed to cook baked meatball pasta and pack another set of clothes, toiletries, food and swimming apparatus for our trip to PD tomorrow. It'll be another 3D2N stay but I'm looking forward to this work-getaway because I love beaches and we'll be staying here. So the place itself is something to be excited about. I hope it won't rain as much so that the kids and I will get to spend most of our time at the beach while B whiles his time in some boring meetings.

So, my dear friends who have been enquiring, this explains my long absence from the barrage of emails that has been going back and forth in my inbox and also from posting anything interesting here.

By the by, we just got THE official letter from PPD Petaling Utara regarding Zareef's school for next year. Syukur Alhamdulillah, he'll be going to PU2 instead of Pulau Meranti. Lega hati Mummy! Waduuhhhsss... ini baru nak masuk Tahun 1 dah kena buat surat rayuan bagai. Belum nak masuk good schools for Form 1 then Pre-U then Uni. By that time, Mummy here will be going bald from all the worrying and sleepless nights with regard to her children's education.

But for now, let me enjoy my weekend at this place before I have to worry about things that need worrying about.


Along said...

So sorry we couldn't attend Zareef's and Zara's b'day party. I owe he kids a big present when I get well again.

So jealous that u'r holidaying and having fun this school holidays. I guess I'll just have to live thru your blog posts for the time being. Be sure to upload lots of pictures and give full reviews of the water chalets. Have fun!!


i totally understand your condition along. it's okay.

i certainly will give full reviews of our stay at legend water chalets. highly recommended!!

Sayalah said...

kak noresh, you can use irfanview to resize all you 382 photos at one go. Just though i'd share the tip, manalah tau perlu buat lagi next time. cubalah.

cheers, k-lynn