Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Hammer Away...

It was a dreadful day, yesterday. Zareef locked me out of my bedroom in his attempt to change clothes after getting back from school. Of all the days and of all the things that he does, he has never locked my bedroom door while changing but yesterday was one of the days and one of the things that he did out of the norm.

What made me even more fcuking furious and mad was the fact that ALL, yes ALL spare keys were in my bedroom placed safely in drawers courtesy of B. Apa motif dia alihkan the spare keys which I previously placed in the dvd drawer in our tv room pun aku tak tau. But he sure does know now :P.

Anyways, I tried several methods to open the door. First was just jiggling the door in every way that I know. Didn't work. Next I tried the credit card and driver's license method of slipping it in between like the picture above. Sampai bengkok2 card and license aku kerjakan. Tak jalan jugak.

By this time, I was angry and frustrated, which was well reflected in my FB status. Minutes after, help came in various form of advises and recommendations. Thank you my dear friends! You guys are total gems!!

Ana suggested trying to cut a strip of plastic from a plastic drinking bottle like the picture above. I emptied a 1.5L of mineral bottle and cut off the top and bottom, leaving me with a cylindrical shape. Then, cut it lengthwise into a large piece of plastic strip like the pic above. Since the plastic strip was bendy and flexible, it could go through all the way in between but it wasn't strong enough to go through the latch.

My last resort.... taking a hammer to the knob. By this time, I was at wit's end. I could have called the locksmith like a friend suggested by I was too pissed and feeling slightly scroogey (ada ke this word?) to fork out even RM 50 seeing that it was B's fault of keeping the keys in the bedroom.

And so, I swung the hammer with all my might, venting away my anger and frustration all at several blows. Within two minutes, I got it done. According to Tun, it's a job well done seeing that I did a clean break hehehhe... I found it to be very therapeutic, swinging a hammer to a locked door, that is :)

B got an earful from me and he's footing the bill for the repair and sooo much more.

Lessons learnt: 1) Dengarla cakap bini ye
2) Never ever put your spare keys behind a lockable door
3) Have a hammer in the house
4) Keep a locksmith's number on your fridge

Sekian, terima kasih.


dillazag said...

so therapeutic, babe..
loved lesson number one!!


dillz, very the!!! hihi...

serious dilla! satu kepuasan yang amat sangat!!

Larawannabe said...

i like lesson # 1 too. lol. tapikan, i hate these tombol2 locks. memang senang je to get yourself locked out by accident.


exactly! especially since zara now is tall enough to press the lock. berapa kali dah dia terlock herself in the room. tsk tsk..

Anonymous said...

aku tak pernah berjaya nyer guna card tu but my bro always succeeeded doing it.. maybe i'm just not cut to be doing jenayah pecah rumah.. :P

Muara Klang 30 April mau join? Rosnah organise.

KS said...

hahahaha... kesian pintu tu yg jadik mangsa :P

and yes, lesson no 1 tu mmg kebabom skaliks ;)


aje: aku pernah la guna card and ic and it works cuma pintu bilik aku nih, gagah perkasa semacam. tak lepas pulak.

aisey... 30 april cannot join la. cousin aku nak kawin. aku jadik usher pulak.

ks: masa k nora tulis post nih, i was serious about it tau. tapi bila korang sumer komen, tiba2 benda tu jadik cynical pulak kan :P

Amy said...

Serious ah bleh guna hammer? Aku rasa out of frustration semua jadi kan? Tips berguna bila pindah rumah ni nanti. Aiyohhh ko tau tak kak? Rule no 1 tu patut ada dlm kursus kahwin and I feel like printing it on a large banner and put it up hahah sbb dah terbukti banyak kali, cakap bini ni memang patut didengar :)


yes amy, only hammer works, trust me!

la ko nih, mmg la tak diajar masa kursus kawin coz yg dok mengajar tu kan sumer lelaki. of course la depa bias :P

Along said...

Dalam tengah2 frust tu, sempat ambik gambar lagi...hehehe.

Ni Ayam pun sama jugak, rumah baru punya kunci bilik ntah mana dia letak. I have a feeling soemthing like this is going to happen, then baru terngada. Dah le pintu semua solid...nak kopak camne. Hmm, anything, have to prepare locksmith punya telepon number dulu.