Thursday, April 02, 2009

I Know It's Stale But How Did Your Earth Hour Go?

From what I read and saw on the news, most of the iconic buildings in the city center where switched off in the spirit of Earth Hour. I applaud the effort put in to vote for Earth.

I was in PD at that time waiting for dinner at one of the restaurants while patiently explaining to Zareef what Earth Hour is really all about, its importance, its effect on Earth, what can we do to help Earth etc.

Zareef was excited at the prospect of eating in the dark accompanied by candles. Come 8.30 pm, business went on as usual with the lights ON! I was disappointed that NONE of the restaurateurs participated in Earth Hour. How ignorant can they be?!

After chomping up dinner which wasn't that nice, we cruised through PD town only to find that all lights were ON save for a few dark rooms which I presumed voted for Earth. It was lights galore in PD town. Upon arriving at Avillion, I was even more disappointed to see them so brightly lit. For a 5* resort, they should have been the major participant given that they are the more environment conscious compared to others (this is what I gather from the leaflets I read in the room).

I even asked the supervisor on duty at the reception desk as to why aren't they switching off non-essential lights during Earth Hour? His response, "Nanti takut guests marah". Pfftttt.... that is a lame excuse given that the management had distributed flyers regarding switching off room lights during Earth Hour. I'm pretty sure, guests wouldn't even mind one bit. In fact, they would have cheered on and join in. Sheeesshhh...

So yes, Earth Hour in PD was a total failure. Next year, I'll make sure to stay home during this occasion. I might even invite close friends for candlelight dinner just to make it more meaningful :) . Wanna join?


KS said...

were were at puteri pacific jb masa earth hour tu. macam avilion, diorang pon tak support earth hour. kami dok dalam bilik begelap (tv bukak aci dak :P) tgk rumah2 kat singapore yg padam lampu.

aniway, happy belated 8th anniversary!!!! gamba zareef penuh bubble tu sangat comel! hehehe..


thanks for the wish :)

if reputable hotels tak participate, i doubt earth hour will have a full effect. bila la depa nak sedar kan?!

the intention was to make zareef macam the marshmallow man hehhehe... terjadik pulak bubble boy yg cute. boleh la tuh :)