Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Mistaken Identity?

I was with Zara at the playground yesterday evening. As usual, the little princess would run about non-stop while asking me zillions of questions, all in one breath. Such an energizer bunny that she is :D . I entertained every single one of her questions while running after her. Pancit mak okay!

While I was doing all these, along came a mom and asked me;

Mom: Excuse me, are you a Filipino?

Me: Huh? Oh no. I'm a Malaysian. What made you say that?

Mom: Oh, sorry. I thought you were a Muslim Filipino maid.

Nak marah pun ye, nak gelak pun ye.

Me: Huhhh??

Mom: I'm looking for a Muslim Filipino maid and I thought you were one, listening from your conversation with that girl.

Me: NO... NO.. she's my daughter. Muka I ada muka maid ke?

Mom: Errrr... sorry ye *smiling sheepishly*.

OKAYYYY... I know I don't dress to the nines when I go to the playground in fact, yesterday was the ultimate sloppy day for me - ragged Dorothy Perkins jeans, Nike flip flops, Burberry watch, Ariani tudung and my tattered 10 year old UC Berkeley T, plus I had zilch makeup on.

Lucky her, I was in a good mood and took it all in good-naturedly because I just had a fabulous outing with my bestie, Ana. Kalau hari lain, mau aku seligi minah nih. What an insult!

I related the story to B and boy, did he laughed his ass off! Sabar je lah...

Starting today onwards, I will dress to the nines just to go to the playground as to not be mistaken as a maid, ever again. SHEEEEESSSHHH!!!


doubleaye said...

Yes yes dress up like one of those yummy mummies :P

Anonymous said...


you should reread Momzilla and learn from them mommies.. huhuuu..

poyo neighbor ko tu, takkan takleh differentiate melayu ngan filipino? ke dia baru dok mesia..???

Btw, tu psl aku JARANG bawak anak pi playground.. hehehe.. kalau aku, harus org ingat maid indon, sans the accent..

Along said...

Hahahah...lawak la. Pakai burberry, nike, ariani but still thjot of as the maid. Hmm...actually we should see it as a warning. Now ni, a lot of parents pass the "playing and looking after the children" portion to the maid. Sad but true...aku pun kekadang guilty of this.


zoow: what do i wear to look yummy? am i not yummy enough? apparently, not la kan since i can pass off as a filipino maid. shessshhhhh...

nong: actually, momzilla is my bible, judging from the tattered corners tapi tak kosser la aku nak melawa sakan everytime nak pi playground. kalau pi pavilion or klcc okay la jugak. but i'll try to make it a point to at least apply makeup after this to go to the playground ;P

along: playground kat taman aku is the maids' port to melepak and bersembang2. every evening without fail, they will gather and have a mini party and exchange news. aku tak join la nanti jatuh standard aku but i am quite privy on their gossips hehehhe... mana taknya, bila cakap suara sorang2 boleh dengar sebatu jauh. tapi paling aku tak suka is they will get carried away yakking and abandoned the kids. jatuh bangun budak sumer buat tak paham je. mak2 macam aku la tolong budak2 ni kalau depa jatuh melalak. tension aku tengok. so you might wanna go skodeng your maid when she brings your girls to the playground next time.

Anonymous said...

ni one really loaded maid nih, can afford all the raggedy attires


ms ngantuk said...

u kena emulate posh spice lps ni :)


joe: loaded maid i am. filipino i'm not :P

kay: hohoho... mana la i nak cekau birkins and louboutins cik kak oiiii... dia boleh la coz she has nannies running after her kids while she looks all nice and demure pushing the swing ceiitttt...

reenazack said...

I can imagine what u wear to the playground judging from our cake pick up session..hehehe
Nasib baik i always bring my anak sedara to the playground after work still in my working takdela maid2 yang berkumpul n berborak sakan tu tetiba ingat aku geng diorang lak kan.


aje: hehhehe... THAT IS my working attire. pegi playground pakai tu lah after work kat rumah.

KS said...

hish.. pasni sila tepek make up akak yg banyak tu.. kasik diorang nganga sket tgk!


ehh.. mana awak tau makeup kak nora banyak? ;P