Thursday, March 23, 2006

My Wish List

Dear B,

Seeing that our 5th anniversary is this Saturday, I'd like to list down a few of the things that has been swirling in my head since forever. I assure you that it's alright if you can't get it for me now, but sooner or later ya. Actually, sooner would be very much preferable, thank you very much! Here goes...

1. A spa treatment. A whole body massage, body scrub, body mask, the works.

2. A business bag that can fit in all my paperwork, laptop and other knick knacks. The one that I have in mind is the Coach Soho Signature Business Tote going at USD $398. Okay kan the price...

3. A chunky elegant dinner watch. I'd love to have the Fendi that I showed you. You remember kan. It's the one with the pink leather strap and a chrono one to boot.

4. Our BJB 676. Tender pun... tender la. I've been seeing signs of nombor apit (as you call it) everywhere. Maybe it's meant to be??

5. A laptop which you've kindly bought for me. I thank you from the bottom of my heart, dear! But... that's work related. This is for me to enjoy. Me and only me. You get what I mean? It's like you getting your RC car, your Timberland Chrono watch and your Subaru shirt. Yeahhh... that's what I mean.

I think that's about it for this year. Take a pick darling then surprise me, hehehhehe... The list can always be brought forward. If all fail, then I'd really love it if we can spend dinner alone gorging down on Jap food... hehehhehe...


dillafahim said...

hihihii.. long list of anniversary gifts.....

kak nora nie.. saya tulis msg tu ntah dapat ke tak?? kak nora dah pregnant ek??? dah baper bulan dah?? hari tu teka sbb nampak ur msg kat blog dona..wah syok zarif nak dapat adik... tahniah!!!

noresh said...

tu belum panjang berjela lagi dilla oiii. lain2 tu simpan utk tahun2 akan datang. karang kalau bagi terus gedebuk, mogok pulak laki kita tak mo belikan apa2.

sorry la dilla. kak nora tak dpt la msg awak hari tuh. ye... alhamdulillah dah pregnant. baru lagi la. baru 4-5 weeks kot. tak pegi pun check ngan doctor lagi. waiting list punya la panjang nak jumpa prof sorang ni kat hukm.

tak tau la zareef syok ke tak. hari2 cakap "perut mummy dah boncit ada baby la".

dillafahim said...

hahahaahha.. klaka zareef... fahim dulu masa awal2 pregnant, dia kata mane ade perut mama ade baby, perut fahim ade lah.. pasal boncit.. hahahahaha... sampai ke scan pon dia blur2 lagi... nie dah besar sket perut, barulah dia kata perut mama ade baby...

prof nie specialist kat hukm ye?? ok ke tak beranak kat sini nnt kak nora??? takut jugak.. dulu kat mesia beranak kat klinik ade doktor.. sini midwife je kan?? ish.. takut pulak rasa.. tapi ade hati jugak nak try beranak dlm pool... ok ke aa??

noresh said...

kalau dilla cuak nak bersalin kat sana, k. nora pulak cuak nak bersalin kat sini.

ok la bersalin kat sana. slalunye if everything goes smooth, midwife je. tapi kalau midwife tgk dah start ada complications macam k.nora dulu, immediately dia akan panggil segala doktor. macam k.nora dulu, ada 2 midwives, 2 SHOs, 1 anaesthetist, 1 paed and 1 consultant. ambik kau! tok sah risau la.

k. nora pun dulu memang dah plan nak water birth. tapi bila labor progress, tgk2 ada complication so tak boleh. kalau dilla nak water birth, kena booking awal2 sebab takut on the same day tuh, dah ada org booking. water pool tu tak byk. tok sah risau la... insyaAllah takde apa2

ozrules said...

Aku ada midwives dan juga doctor. Sebab tak larat nak push, so Adam was delivered by ventouse.

Pakar bius datang before I was dilated dengan banyak nyer ( 4cm at that time ), maka tesumbatlah tube epidural itu di belakang aku.

Dilla, should be no prob bersalin kat sana. Eventho the hospitals are all gomen, but nowt like our gomen. The equipments, doctors, midwives are all well-trained. You could choose your birth plan. From water birth to mobile-birth. Kalu takde complication, lagik senang, smooth all the way thru. Paling penting SEMUANYA FREE.

Nora, hang siap duit la nak beranak di sana. Kompom kena pi private !

ps : kenapa aku menyemak di sini ?


kaezrin said...

may i wish happy annivessary in advance and dearie...congrates on ur pregnancy

doubleaye said...

err what is the significant of BJB676?

noresh said...

ozrules: hahahhaha... tak nyemak la... bagi pendapat namanye so that dilla tak cuak nak bersalin kat spital gomen kat newcastle which i think i way superb than some of the private hospitals kat msia nih. plus its FREE!!!

kaezrin: thanx so much dear on both occasions.

zoowra: u'd have to come back to see it. tu pun kalau mampu la nak masuk tender. kalau tak... ambik je la nombor biasa je

dillafahim said...

toce2 kakak2ku semua.. tidak akan ku cuak lagi selepas ini.. bukan ape. kan ade buku putih record pregnant kita tu kan.. saya pon pi belek2 baca2 A-Z.. dah 3 kali khatam.. pastuh dia cam tulis kat situ, kalau kita beranak kat rumah lagi bagus?? pastuh sebelum tu ade gak midwife tanya, nanti labour kat rumah ke kat spital.. pastuh saya macam ha??? kat rumah?? nie macam zaman dolu2 kat mesia.. tatau pulak maksud dia apa... pastuh ade pulak member kat sini bersalin anak ke-4..drpd tak pernah bedah, terus jadi bedah.. pasal midwife suruh tunggu tunggu aje kat umah.. tunggu punyer tunggu tengok2 baby dah berak dlm perut.. so kena bedah..tu yg ngeri siket tu..

tp takpe la. lepas nie sblm beranak tu nk exaggerate sket kata saya sakit lebih2.. so that diorg nnt tak pandang remeh.. hehehehe..plan punye awal..

a'a.. kat mesia mmg tak berani nak beranak kat gomen.. lagi macam2 ceita dengaq.. bukan tak support.. cuma banyak sangat cerita mengarut kita dengar kan??

Along said...

Amboi, amboi..dasat ah ko punya list ni. Ngalahkan mak datin. Awat tak mintak merc je terus? Banglo kah? Hehehehe...setakat jam tangan, laptop..ala...kacang je tu.

Congrats on ur pregnancy...and ur 5th anniversary too.

LazyDaisy said...

congrats on ur pregnancy, fuyoo this yr it seems everybody i know is expecting meriah tahun 2006 ni heheeh :)

BJB 676 tu merc ke ? heheh ganas laa wish list ni :P

noresh said...

along: tu baru level 1 punya wish list. belum bawak kuar mother of all the list. takpe... that one i'll wait until bard becomes a professor... muahahhaha *evil laugh*

lazydaisy:bukan... bukan merc. tak mampu lagi. looks like anak kita nanti sebaya lagi sekali kan...

dillazag said...


Congrats babe.. First on the 5th anniversary. Kitorang baru nak masuk 4 tahun this September.. It doesn't seem that long though. Tapi tengok my Khadra dah nak masuk 3 tahun.. Baru la rasa tua.. heh heh heh

Secondly on the pregnancy -- Alhamdulillah ... We are planning to expand the family next year..;) heh heh heh maybe two at a time.. wakakakakakaka

Thirdly, on the magnificent wish list. Ku doakan segala impianmu menjadi kenyataan. Sebut 40 kali, insyaallah boleh come true..

Muah muahs,

noresh said...

dilla dear...

thanx a lot!! two at a time, eh?? that kena doa more than 40 times la kan. but it's easier that way. sekali beranak keluar dua. hehehhe... then can close the factory.

Nessus said...

I came across you blog at around 5pm early this evening when I did a google image search for chicken pox.

My 5 year old came out in rashes a few hours ago. I then proceeded to read the entire blog as I loved your open style of writing and loved reading about yours and families adventures.

I feel quite special to be privvy to all the information your blog contains and it has been such an experience finding out all about you.

I live in the UK myself and was almost moved to tears reading your last posts before leaving Blighty.

I wish you the best for the future and hope that your son continues to thrive. I shall be returning to see if you have added to the family in the near future ;)

I take away a warm glowing feeling from here and want to thank you for candidly sharing a part of your life with the virtual web community.

noresh said...

dear nessus,

thank you for dropping by this humble blog of mine. and thank you soooo much for your kind words for they move me too and has certainly made my day today.

i hope that your son is coping well with the rashes. Give him piriton to help ease the itchiness. Or you can also slob him with calamine lotion. Other than that, a kid will always be a kid and scratch themselve silly till they bleed.

Sighhh... I do miss Lboro very much. I just hope that one day I'll be able to make the journey again and perhaps we can meet up.

I too wish you the very best in everything that you do. We mommies have to stand together, don't we?!

Till then, do drop by often and keep the comments pouring in.