Saturday, April 07, 2007

Vote for Ninie!!


Amy said...

Hehee ko pun promote dia gak? I think she's going to win this la kak..
Weh, btw, u went to the same U as OsmanSany ek? He's my senior kat SMKJ dulu..i was browsing thru the list of the bloggers in your blog here and saw his name, immediately recognized cos he's the only one with that name kut. I bet he wouldn't know or recognized me hahahah


i so hope she'll win. with all the hard work, sweat and tears, she deserves to win. not that the other three didn't work hard as well, but dah setahun lebih aku dok baca blog dia, it's like i know her although tak penah jumpa. so better la aku vote for her kan rather the other three yg aku tak kenal.

yes, osman sany went to purdue as well. i owe him a lot esp. the first semester trying to adapt to life in purdue. kalau nak tau, dia la yg ajar aku masak nasi ayam n nasi lemak tau! hehehhe... he is a man of many talents and also a great friend.