Tuesday, April 24, 2007

When Girlfriends Meet

I have not seen these ladies for more than 6 years. After 2 weeks of planning, thanks to Zied, the organizer, we finally met at Ikea's Cafe before adjourning to Little Penang Cafe. Memang tak habis-habis makan. It was great fun meeting with these lovely, wacky and bubbly ladies. We were doing the non-stop talking-eating-laughing routine. Very therapeutic indeed!

For three solid hours, my face was in constant smiling-laughing mode. Balik rumah, terpaksa massage muka lagi tu! Lenguh betul but it was well worth it. I felt so sorry and regretful for having to leave early. Home duty calls, y'all!!

I'm so glad that I got to meet Aje, Zied, Dilla and Amy. All of us were collegemates back in ADP/PPP. Zied and Amy were my crazy roomies while Dilla was the roomy one floor below and Aje was a few blocks away. In addition to that, Zied and Aje were my juniors from SSP. Plus, all of us are bloggers. So, there were so many bases to cover, too many stories to listen and lots of juicy gossips to chow down. Kalau one whole day jumpa pun memang tak cukup la.

from left: Aje, Zied and Dilla

from left: Dilla, me and Amy

*notice who the camera whore was?? hehehhe...*

Thank you so much for the lovely excursion, ladies! We should do this again and again and again. Seriously!


zeedayazid said...

dah la datang paling lambat, balik pun paling cepat. patik amat tak berpuas hati!

heh heh hehhh takut tak?

anyway, Aje me and puan noraishah here also used to be schoolmates, back in SSP. noresh was our senior. u old hag! hahahaaaa

*kisses for zareef & zara, none for bard*

zeedayazid said...

eh baru perasan, aku sorang je tak pakai serban kepala ek. hehehe. bila seru aku nak sampai ni?

oh ya and ur cakes are effing scrumptious looking yo! bday laki jauh lagi in oct, bday kakak aku in july. i'll get one from u then ok!

Along said...

ala, ni yg tak best temgah confinement ni. Terperuk je kat rumah..dah le dah 2 bulan takde beraktiviti.

Noresh, bile aku sihat dah, we have to get 2gether ah. Rumah aku pun bleh, macam aritu kat rumah lin. Aku masak nasik ayam special aku...:D


eh zied... tak sengaja la. traffic jam kat KD tu la macam siot. for just a 200m stretch, aku stuck kat situ for almost an hour! sia2 je hilang precious time di situ. n'way, aku nak takut ngan kau?! no way babe! lagi aku gelakkan ko ada la.

n'way, u don't have to wait for birthdays to order ya know! try one any time and i'm pretty sure you'll be begging for me. hehhehe... i know i'm bragging here but seriously, my cakes don't just look good. they taste good too.


you're still in confinement ke, along? la... baru la aku tau. ok la, i'll drop by one fine morning and we'll have a nice long chat without the kids. yes... u heard me right. aku sudah dapat maid. yeehaaa!!!

but my time limit is till 11.45 coz i have to pick up zareef from school by noon.

mmmm... yum yum... sedap tu nasi ayam ko. aku dah boleh imagine dah. wokay... no sweat! as always, i'll bring one of my cakes hehehhe...

Amy said...

Bawak le sample2 sket bilaour next outing kak..nak try maaa.. that american chocolate cake look delicious la..meleleh dah air liur aku.. ko buat kek lapis dak kak? teringin la..

dillazag said...

noresh, akukah camera whore itu? heh heh heh... i had loads of fun that day too.. definitely have to do this again..

along, guwe pun nak nasik ayam mu itu...