Wednesday, February 20, 2008

On Being Original

My girlfriend Liza is a cupcake enthusiast and she bakes them too! Good yummy ones I might add. I know because I ordered 100 of them last year for Zareef's and Zara's birthday bash and everyone couldn't get enough of it

Naturally, being a cupcake connoisseur, she has thronged every available website there is on cupcakes. So when I wrote about Cupcake Chic in my previous post, I immediately got a message from her through YM!

Oh boy! She told me that the menu and cupcake design for Cupcake Chic looks so familiar but she can't quite pin-point where has she seen it before. But wait, thank god for bookmarks and favorites. Lo and behold, now she knows where she's seen the menu and the design. Check out Sprinkles, people! Especially their flavors section and compare it with this, Cupcake Chic's menu.

Same right! Coincidence? Uhhh... I don't think so. Sprinkles was established in 2005 and have garnered quite a number or awards while Cupcake Chic has just opened their doors at The Curve last month or maybe the month before i.e. a new kid on the block.

Liza said the latter is so not original and I totally agree with her. If you go to the latter's cafe, you'll find that their cupcakes are arranged in the same manner as Sprinkles (pictures can be found in their website). EXACTLY the same!

What I'm trying to say is, if you're gonna open a cafe, make it yours. Let it be your OWN design and not someone else's which you just then conveniently change and tweak a little bit here and there. BE ORIGINAL! The only thing that I'm glad that the latter didn't copy is the price. Kalau tak, bengkok jugak nak bayar RM 10 for a cupcake or would you? I'll let you be the judge.

ps: lagi satu yang musykil; try checking out donut epal besar's website. Takde you say? Hahhaha... memang la takde tapi kenapa depa tulis kat kotak that it's under construction? Kalau under construction, there should still be a thread of some sort, right? Please correct me if I'm wrong. Nak jugak guna nama epal besar tuh...


K said...

tapikan... epal besar is cheaper... hehehehe..


true and i prefer epal besar to jco. the former tastes better and more choices that zareef and i like.

hehehhe.. nampak sgt mak and anak hantu donut.

doubleaye said...

When it comes to daughnut, it got to be dunkin! Well at least for me..:) saje nak sakat ko.

BTW, apa yang kau hangin sgt dgn Cupcake Chic tu? Biar la dia...tunggu aje la kot2 nanti Sprinkle sue them ke. Bet you will be grinning! ha ha


well, its to each's own kan?! sebab takde kk la aku carik epal besar. kalau kk ada, donut lain aku tak pandang dah..

not hangin la. just highlighting the kiasuness, that's all.

you bet i will! heheheh

dillazag said...

hah hah hah.. i have had this heated argument with rosnah about the epal besar. boleh tak last time the kotak says, website under construction in the united states.. nak jugakk taruk US tu... heh heh heh

but i still prefer their donuts than jco.


me to dillz! me too.

bila mau gather2 lagi ye? jom kita pi cuppacakes cafe pulak? nak buat research jugak.