Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Say A Little Prayer....

Recently, I got a text message from a close friend of ours. I was floored when I read it. Her son has just been diagnosed with brain tumor. I'm not sure which son (she has three) but all three are under the age of seven. She asked that we pray for her son's condition and that it is not as serious as it sounds.

I feel really sad for her. I've known her for almost 15 years (with a few years gap in between) and she has always come across as a persistent, jovial and positive person. She would always be laughing and smiling even if she's not feeling that way deep inside.

Somehow, things didn't quite go as planned for her. It's her fate, I always tell myself and the others, but one that I personally think, can be avoided.

Now, with one problem after another come knocking on her door, I don't know how she faces it when they come hitting straight to her face. One thing for sure, she's really being strong about it. I have never heard her once complaint about her predicament. All she asked was for my doa so that whatever shit that she's going through and her son's ailment will pass.

Y, I don't know if you read my blog but you have my prayers. Please don't keep it to yourself. I know you're strong, but in the face of adversity, even the strongest man will crumble one time or another. The other thing is, it's important that you get your parents' blessing. Without it, you'll go nowhere.

And my dear friends out there who thinks you know who I am talking about, please say a doa for her son's well-being ya. It will mean a lot to her. Thank you.


Anonymous said...

it's never easy having to deal with a sick kid, what more something as huge as a possible brain tumor.


i know! given her situation, it would be even more difficult. i just hope she stays strong.

Along said...

I was told it wasn't her son that was diagnosed, but the son of one of her "madu". Apa2 pun, doakan je la...small kid, don't know much but now have to suffer such illness. Sian..